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  1. You’ll have more options with LE obviously, but the performance issues, crashing, bugs etc… Just aren’t worth it. I’d stick with SE.
  2. Good question! Would love for it to be forwarded to Vector.
  3. Both Xsoldier and Long War of The Chosen use UIArmory_Promotion UIScreenListener and it is reported that they conflict with each other in "XCOM Alternative Mod Launcher".
  4. It is best to make a new thread instead of hijacking one... Anyways, I have achieved MS while running Xsolider with LWOTC, but Xsoldier wasn't intended to run with LW2 so game breaking bugs can happen.
  5. Sometimes a Mods folder is created automatically sometimes one isn't, if you don't see one at that directory then make a Mods folder at that directory. If this is your first time installing XCOM 2 mods manually then there shouldn't be any mods in the vanilla folder so you can simply make a Mods folder at \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame, place the XSolider mod into the Mods folder and start the game, you then should see the mod in the launcher. Here is an example video of how to install it[Note: I don't use the XCOM2's official launcher as it often fails to recognize when a mod is installed or uninstalled]:
  6. When installing War of The Chosen Xsolider you will need to remove the xSolider files from the Base game(not war of the chosen) mod folder or you'll see a duplicate in the mod launcher. Edit bonus: Put Wotc mod files here: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame\Mods Delete vanilla xSolider from here: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods
  7. That is the thing about Skyrim Legendary Edition. It is the most unstable and bug filled game you will ever touch. I'd recommend you switch to Special Edition before you get too far. Even if you do manage to fix the mesh issue something else will break shortly down the line and all of it will pile up more and more until you can't even load into the game.
  8. Plenty of people make a livable income on Patreon, I have yet to see a single truly talented and well organized person on Patreon fail to make a significant amount of money through it. If a Patreon creator takes 6 months to put out 1 piece of content then they shouldn't expect to make much from Patreon. It is always a shame when someone uses the phrase "it's really not about the money" it makes you sound like a child. If it wasn't about the money you'd start up your own company, work for small companies that actually NEED Information Technology relevant individuals or simply move back in with your parents and be a bum. No one works a job "for fun" just stop with that BS. Vector wasn't being demanded to do anything nor would anyone be demanding anything if he were to move to Patreon. People will wait patiently for good quality stuff so Vector would do great there. Alan Turing EXPECTED to end up dead, he knew who he was going to be working for, he knew they would know everything about him. He wasn't going to sit in his basement like a coward while every able-bodied man in the country is on the front lines fighting. The work he did after the war was only because the government gave him the funding and materials to pursue bigger projects and research. His country never betrayed him. He knew the laws and he broke them hence calling the police on himself. Additionally, I never said he sacrificed himself in the name of homophobia I said he sacrificed himself for his country. No one is demanding anything from anyone. All I am saying is that I hate having to see new never to be released content being shoved down our throats as if we've done something wrong to Vector. I've been here since Hall of Torque never criticized his work or any of the likes, just here downloading and being grateful that there is some male content to use on Skyrim instead of gross female content.
  9. Thing is I didn't say he was a kindergarner I am comparing his actions to the actions of one. But to no surprise you spin my words to fit your own narrative. CNN would be proud.
  10. You can use the addItemMenu mod in order to select that mod specifically or use it to search for the mod's content through key words.
  11. I wish TVs would stay on when you walk away from them
  12. Air took the words right out of my keyboard. No chance Vector is coming back at this point. The best you can do is dream about it every night.
  13. If everyone was willing to pay $10 for the mod it wouldn't be a "limited amount". Creators such as Taka on Patreon are making well over 100k a year and rising daily. That is not limited. Working a day job you'd be stuck with a fixed pay doing a project that you don't want to do. If Vector was trying to please people then that is where he went wrong, his objective for sharing his content with the community should have been to inspire people like we see many on this site today making mods similar to his and even people learning how to port armors to SAM themselves and in turn sharing their ports with the community and inspiring even more people. P.S.P.S Alan Turing sacrificed himself for the greater good just like the MEN on the front lines. He knew he couldn't fight on the front lines so he fought the information war. Alan Turing was aware of the extreme risk just like the men on the front lines knew the extreme risk the second they hit the field. Every man in those times had one job and it was to protect those at home. Alan Turing did just that and died doing so with millions of other brave soldiers. If outliving your brothers was the plan from the start then you were wrong from the start. It has been years. Vector anit coming back at this point. Hes chosen his friend circle and is done with us. All the users of this site can do at this point is keep his legacy alive and inspire potential geniuses.
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