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  1. I wish TVs would stay on when you walk away from them
  2. Air took the words right out of my keyboard. No chance Vector is coming back at this point. The best you can do is dream about it every night.
  3. If everyone was willing to pay $10 for the mod it wouldn't be a "limited amount". Creators such as Taka on Patreon are making well over 100k a year and rising daily. That is not limited. Working a day job you'd be stuck with a fixed pay doing a project that you don't want to do. If Vector was trying to please people then that is where he went wrong, his objective for sharing his content with the community should have been to inspire people like we see many on this site today making mods similar to his and even people learning how to port armors to SAM themselves and in turn sharing their ports with the community and inspiring even more people. P.S.P.S Alan Turing sacrificed himself for the greater good just like the MEN on the front lines. He knew he couldn't fight on the front lines so he fought the information war. Alan Turing was aware of the extreme risk just like the men on the front lines knew the extreme risk the second they hit the field. Every man in those times had one job and it was to protect those at home. Alan Turing did just that and died doing so with millions of other brave soldiers. If outliving your brothers was the plan from the start then you were wrong from the start. It has been years. Vector anit coming back at this point. Hes chosen his friend circle and is done with us. All the users of this site can do at this point is keep his legacy alive and inspire potential geniuses.
  4. Oldrim is dead, it is non-stop crashing bugs etc... Pack your bags and move to Special Edition, you'll be glad you did after you get everything set up.
  5. There is a 1% chance that Vector will ever show his face again to hand over the rights to SAM so people can publicly release a full SAM. KouLeifoh's SAM LITE will have to do in which it is basically full SAM anyways.
  6. It will run, but there are a couple bugs like campaign progress breaking, weapon unlocks not occuring when they should etc... Never managed to finish a playthrough of it due to the bugs but it runs.
  7. The only problem I can spot is XPMSE should always be loaded last, and if I'm not mistaken that is the Special Edition XPM not the legendary edition.
  8. The SAM Morphs is exactly what you need if you are looking for the options from the original SAM MCM. The only thing is that unlike the original SAM you would need to reinstall the SAM light pack in order to switch the the amount of hair your character has on their chest.
  9. That sexlab defeat is correct yes. The only SAM that has an MCM is the original that is only available for Vanilla Skyrim currently. VectorPlexus would need to lift the rights on SAM or update the mod for Special Edition in order for the Special Edition SAM to have an MCM.
  10. Xp32 should always be loaded last. In order to make NPCs nude I tend to use Sex Lab Defeat then sneak into NPCs homes at night and take their gear off of them then they'll have nothing to wear. Also there are is a Sex Lab mod that actually let's you make nudity completely legal and socially acceptable I forget what it is as I'm typing this from my phone, but when I remember I'll be sure to tell.
  11. There isn't a SAM MCM for Special Edition as it is SAM light not the FULL SAM. You should post your full mod load order so people can see what mods could possibly be conflicting and what could be missing.
  12. Watch a couple YouTube vids on how to use Vortex Mod Manager to install mods manually. Then from the downloads page, download SAM and follow it's requirements list and instructions for installation. Remember to download the correct SAM for your specific Skyrim such as Special Edition or Legacy.
  13. Ah I see, just more of Vector *** on the people that supported his work by rubbing the content in people's faces like a child in PE class saying "Haha you can't have the ball because it is mine!" It's funny because most wouldn't hide their work from the public, instead they'd make a Patreon and benefit financially like artists such as Taka making 6 figures doing what he loves while also satisfying the wants of others, but I guess someone really got to Vector personally to make him shut down, change his Twitter title to something vulgar and sprint into the closet for eternity. Take Alan Turing for example, he had to deal with homophobes left and right that eventually drove him to his grave, but that never stopped him from continuing his work and releasing it to the public for the greater good.
  14. You can make them fully naked now? How?
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