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  1. Or use a download manager like I'm doing. Ive been doing for the last 3 plus years. I was able tho download the files with no problems
  2. Yea unfortunately im still getting the "failed - network error" message as well. I have tried alot of download managers including that one that worked for me in the past but it doesn't work. I also tried different browsers. Same error. There were a few downloads that i was able to successfully download but it took me at least 5 tries tho. Here's the link to the file i was trying for the last week or so to download
  3. Racemenu SAM Full SAM Vanilla refits SAM Morphs XPMSE Should be the LO i think.
  4. I think its only for SAM and not sam light
  5. @JosephGamez I didn't really add any textures to or from Sam morphs for racemenu at all. I just install like the load order and thats it. Thats maybe why you seem to get two dicks for some reason?
  6. I have use this mod and I had never had issues....... Here's my load order: SkyUI UI Extensions Racemenu Sam Light Sam High Poly SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light SavrenX Schlong of SAM HDT patch (if you are using physics) SAM Light Texture Add-on BodySlide and Outfit Studio SAM Morphs for Racemenu HDT-SMP (if you are using physics) HDT-BBB for SAM (if you are using physics) FNIS SE XPMSE
  7. You can also use Atomic Muscle! Its as close to SAM in terms of bodies.
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