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  1. nappilydeestruction

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Love it @KouLeifoh ❤️ ! You are a godsend for SAM lovers like myself. Thank you once again!
  2. nappilydeestruction

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Great job as always @KouLeifoh! ❤️
  3. nappilydeestruction

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Beautiful freakin job @KouLeifoh! You are doing the Lord's work. ❤️
  4. nappilydeestruction

    I'm so dumb... because...

    All I can say to this is this person should not be modding at all. I mean to think that they have a right to upload a mod that doesn't belong to them and think that they have any right to do so, so that they don't have to deal with a "selfish spoiled lil brat like Vector" (just making an example, I know you understand but still lol) is hilariously sad. What you did Vector was the right thing. Its good that you are taking care of your personal mod. Like Khlas says, don't listen to those ungrateful ignorant a*holes that don't understand hard work and dedication to a project. Sadly we have to deal with those dumb people.
  5. nappilydeestruction

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Oh don't worry i'm patient enough. I gotta wait anyways as I'm saving to get a better computer for myself. Also I'm currently in school for programming so hopefully I will be even more helpful to you on your mods, regarding programming, scripting and such. But please take your time with this updated version. And please enjoy yourself as well when doing this. I know it can be stressful at times but please know that you are a great modder and modders need to take their time with their work of art. Don' t let anything get you down. Good luck.
  6. nappilydeestruction

    Mod Authors

    I can't wait to improve in my programing and scripting skills and skin texturizing skills to help the SAM team out while also working on my body project. I taking intro to programming in college currently. I really love that field so much. Right now I just need a better performing computer system because as of now I have a barely surviving laptop thats not good enough for me
  7. nappilydeestruction

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    I love this body mod so much. Thank you Vector and the team for your beautiful dedication to this work of art. You will definitely see some skin textures and stuff for SAM in the near future from me on this website for sure.
  8. nappilydeestruction

    SAM, Hall of Torque and change in EULA

    Thank you for understanding @RocketLombax I really appreciated. I was at the thread and i too was disappointed. She linked the website to this website so I wanted to see what was really going on. Then when I came to the website, I looked at this thread. And I then saw that she violated the EULA or Terms of Use policy, which I knew when I first went to the SAM page for the first time, something wasn't right. I thought why was there no sort of Terms of Use or EULA at all anywhere on that page. I'm like how can a person release an amazing mod without a TOU or EULA, I usually see big time modders whether its TES modding or even SIMS modding they always post a TOU at least. But no I didn't see it. I have the exact copy of what was posted on the SAM page, i made my own readme like I did with other mods I'm using.
  9. nappilydeestruction

    SAM, Hall of Torque and change in EULA

    @lxlhunter & @Vector ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that was weird that she didn't post the EULA agreement on the SAM page. I'm not try to start anything but seriously. This is ridiculous on her part. It makes me suspicious of her actions. You just don't post someone's work without their EULA or Terms of Use. It's should never be aloud to not do so in anyway. I look at the responses yesterday when I heard the news about SAM and related to SAM mods and thought ok lemme see what Vector had to say. Then when I came to this thread specifically I read why you(Vector) made that decision, which also made me suspicious of what she did. Yes I read the emails, including her response. I don't know, it really sad that she violated the EULA and its hard for all of us. But I hope we all can look at this and continue to support your mod Vector. I am planning in the future to make some mods for SAM and releasing them in this site from now on.
  10. nappilydeestruction

    SAM, Hall of Torque and change in EULA

    I get where he's coming from as a modder. And I feel also bad for those who have worked on the SAM related mods as well. Yes is it a bit upsetting what happened but at the same time did LadyM even read the EULA correctly. Why didn't she just post the EULA(the exact words that vector said on the email) on the SAM official page on the LadyM site. I didn't even see the EuLA at all. Did she not feel the need to do so. I thought that was what you are suppose to do. I just think that it is absolutely strange that she didn't do that. Usually when you release a mod related to another person's mod you at least put the either Terms of Use or some EULA statement. @RocketLombax I thought he did let her leave the existing SAM related mods for 30 days on the email. I guess she decided not to do so but just leave the SAM support thread forum. But why didn't just do that though? I get that shes upset but at the same time why not read it again before doing this. She even said that she didn't read the whole thing. That alone doesn't make sense. She couldn't just left it up there like he said for 30 days from yesterday. I was about to use SAM Unofficial mod that I download a week ago. I wished that I had the actually readme and the instructions on how to use the mod. I'll try to figure it out on my own. I wanted to incorporate that mod to Bodytypes of Skyrim, made by Kalambre for my own personal use then maybe one day ask Vector to release it.
  11. nappilydeestruction

    SAM, Hall of Torque and change in EULA

    Vector, I really am sorry to hear about this. I hope things are treating you well dear. Are you planning on improving SAM or just updating SAM as it is? I'm just curious. I wanted to say how much of a fan I am of your work. I still have your mod before it was taken down from the LadyM website. I wanted to personally say thank you for your mod. I really appreciate the effort you have put into this amazing body mod. nappilydeestruction a.k.a. Dee