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  1. krotgovnorot

    Need help with editing body

    Yep. I set it to weight 0 with samson\samuel at 0 and the mesh was the same. I disabled SAM, enabled SOS and replaced its meshes with my edited ones to check if they work and they did. Not sure why its not as simple to do with SAM.
  2. I edited malebody_0 in outfit studio with brush and then saved it as a new .nif overwriting the old one. But when I check my character in game nothing change, I checked the .nif again if it saved correctly and everything was fine. This method worked with SOS before but SAM have some unusual structure and it seems that just replacing a .nif is not enough. Can somebody give me a hint what should I edit to make it work?
  3. Everything works fine, all other races has schlongs except for argonians and khajiits. What can cause that issue and how to fix it?