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  1. Sorry, I do not have. You need to consult the original author.
  2. This @Boow5945's SAM+ Texture Pack(67楼) I try made malebody_1_msn.dds for SAM Light. SAM+ Normal MAP 025 - SAM Light.7z SAM+ Normal MAP 050 - SAM Light.7z SAM+ Normal MAP 075 - SAM Light.7z SAM+ Normal MAP 100 - SAM Light.7z SAM+ Normal MAP S25 - SAM Light.7z SAM+ Normal MAP S50 - SAM Light.7z SAM+ Normal MAP S75 - SAM Light.7z Require SAM Light only one can be chosen. And SAM Morphs for RaceMenu can choose more muscles.
  3. good0593

    SAM Light

    Hi, SAM Light Texture Add-on add Tan Lines Option. Can add Tan Lines for SAM Light original Textures Option? Thank you.
  4. "Updates some meshes as well as .tri files to make them compatible", So before is .tri the reason. After this update 2.2, OK Thank you.
  5. good0593

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    "Requires refits with body parts correctly named for SAM (SAMBody, SAMHands, SAMFeet, SAMGenitals, SAMForeskin)" I misunderstood. Should add a description. "\Data\Textures\actors\character\male\ Textures follow the naming convention BaseName_xx.dds (diffuse, EX: MaleBody_xx.dds ) BaseName_xx_msn.dds (normal, EX: MaleBody_xx_msn.dds) BaseName_xx_s.dds (specular, EX: Malebody_xx_s.dds) Where xx ranges from 01 to 10" Since the named MaleBody_xx_msn.dds OK. \Data\Textures\actors\character\male\ MaleBody_01_msn.dds MaleBody_02_msn.dds MaleBody_03_msn.dds MaleBody_04_msn.dds MaleBody_05_msn.dds Use the default file name is OK. Thank you. But, Color difference. Incompatible: SAM original and other Textures. Need to add Head Diffuse Head Normal Head Specular Use SAM Light Texture Add-on Head texture.
  6. good0593

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    replace MaleBody_1_msn.dds OK. But, \Data\Textures\actors\character\male\ SAMBody_01_msn.dds SAMBody_02_msn.dds SAMBody_03_msn.dds SAMBody_04_msn.dds SAMBody_05_msn.dds SAM Morphs for RaceMenu Use Body Normal. Use failed. How to succeed?
  7. Where can I download it? Thank you.
  8. SAM LE, NO ENB. OK SAM Light SE, NO ENB. = Hair flicker Or SAM LE + ENB. = Hair flicker HELP!!!
  9. Very happy, very looking forward to a better SAM. Thank you.
  10. good0593

    SAM Light

    Thank you, success, but why Hair flicker? I use HDT BBB Bounce for SAM SE .
  11. I code is not familiar. But I want to learn. Can give snippets of code? Thank you.
  12. This is great. Can you write a lesson? Or you can contact KouLeifoh . hope SAM Morphs for RaceMenu can add this option. Thank you .
  13. good0593

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Hi! SAM Light High Poly Conversion Can add "malebody_1.nif and malebody_0.nif" 3D Pubic Hair options? Can mask a round pubic bald patch around the genitalia. Thank you.