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  1. Xenotunak

    Inner Collection

    Gorgeous collection ?
  2. Xenotunak

    Briarheart SAM Conversion

    Gross! But also thank you, I've been waiting for a fix like this!
  3. Xenotunak

    Letho's Pants [HDT]

    Easily one of the pairs of pants I can wear! Thanks!
  4. Any chance you'll make the codpiece size less gratuitous? still love that you did this! Thank you ?
  5. Like Kyoshi's page says do we have to install v.1.1 and not the latest version? ?
  6. Xenotunak

    Download — SAM High Poly Conversion

    Do we need to keep the hand patch for the glitch some of us have or does your mod fix that too?
  7. Xenotunak

    Sims 4 - The Gay Stuff and my WIP [NSFW]

    What animations do you recommend for now? I really wanna start toying with these undies!
  8. Xenotunak

    Ifrit/ Incubus Summon Follower

    Loved it! I haven't played with Ifrita yet but Ifrit is a charming lad and I definitely wasn't what I thought I was when I slipped him out of his daedric armor... The only problem I did have happen was that when I took off his boots and gloves he totally ditched his tail! Leaving it floating in the wilderness, then he phased out after that. I do hope he becomes a follower soon, I'd like to get to know him better.
  9. Hey @Vector thank you for sharing your story! Sometimes depression and anxiety can really run your life and make things appear to be a lot worse than they are - and also sometimes things are just bad. It takes so much strength just to get out of bed, or just to walk outside, but you remember that when you do those things you are showing immense strength and fighting your depression! You may think you're not strong enough but to eyes of thousands you have the strength of a bull. You have a very special place in the world that's unique and only yours and nobody and nothing can take that from you. Lean on us as much as you can, Vector!! You are an amazing creator and any modding community should feel very proud to have you personally!
  10. Xenotunak

    Help me with sos problem

    Hi! You can't use "SoS" and "SaM" at the same time. You have to turn one off. They override each other and cause body malfunctions.
  11. Xenotunak

    Marvelous armor!

    A lot of armor you see in the screenshot thread are refits of armor you can find on Nexus to fit on SAM bodies. Since these are other artists armor that aren't on VectorPlexus we have to ask permission first before they can be uploaded here and a lot of these artists take a very long time to reply so that's usually why you don't see the marvelous armor in the download section. I hope this answers your question!
  12. Xenotunak

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Woah Don that hair's fantastic! what pack did you use for it?
  13. Xenotunak


    it looks like that's because the khajit in the pic are using the Hard Bodies for SAM try using that
  14. Xenotunak

    Pec, Butt and Belly Bounce For Skimpy Armors

    This worked perfectly for me! Thank you kindly
  15. Xenotunak

    Pec, Butt and Belly Bounce For Skimpy Armors

    I'm trying to make this mod work with the chest pieces but when I do I get this I know I have to set the skimpy armor file as the directory but when I do all it does is this to no avail Sorry if this is a newbie question! How can I fix this?