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  1. LazyBoy

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    This mod is awesome! All the sweaty and muscular options in one file, heh what more could a man ask. Version for Sam Light so that we can have all this hot stuff in Special Edition would be really welcome.
  2. LazyBoy

    Download — SAM High Poly Conversion

    OK, thank you for the reply!
  3. LazyBoy

    Download — SAM High Poly Conversion

    Can we overwrite mesh files from your HDT BBB Bounce for SAM mod safely?
  4. LazyBoy

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    Are there any plans to refit clothing?
  5. LazyBoy

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    When I use armor on my character it newer happens, only rarely on npc's like once in several hours. It's no big deal, I just wanted to report the issue since I like this stuff more than SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits. I can always delete the meshes for leather and ebony gloves and place those from SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits since I don't get this bug with them.
  6. LazyBoy

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    Here is an example of leather armor glove bug: https://imgur.com/a/24HKb And it appears that my claim that bug only happens with random/enemy npc's is incorrect. That is Dirge in the screenshot .
  7. LazyBoy

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    Minor bug. Very rarely, I h ave this problem with ebony and leather glove armor parts: https://imgur.com/a/k0rdY When I remove your new mesh files and revert to SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits, the bug is fixed. Strangely it only happens with random or hostile encounter . For exp. I gave Faendal full set of Leather Armor that he wears all the time courtesy of Amazing Follower Tweaks and the bug newer appeared on him. Later, while fighting some bandits one had leather armor gloves and they looked like ebony ones in the image except with brownish tint. If I loot them and equip them on my character they display like they normally do. If click on the dead bandit in the console window and give resetinventory command, with every outfit toggled if it contains leather gloves they would look like that. When I had the Mercenary encounter in the image I tried it again with the same results. Fyi, I use Book of Silence textures, but it happens with vanilla ones to. Aside from this I love your work. When you see the worn armors in the game, they look better fitting and accurate than SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits.
  8. LazyBoy

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    I recently started messing arround with College of Winterhold NPC,s in CK and assingned them new custom outfits wich consist of expert or master robes paired with ClothesFineBoots02 and this happened: http://imgur.com/bgoyd0e http://imgur.com/C8vuXnJ http://imgur.com/OlC2eyd Now this is a minor issue I traced to SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits or more specific to MageJourneyman folder tree mesh files. I delete them and all that stuff goes back to normal, no more weird texture ribons fluing all over the place ( it actually looked slightly cool ). I only want to report it here so that someday someone may want to fix it.
  9. LazyBoy

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Mr. Plexus when you find the time would you please, please, please, please, please, prety please fix those feet. I mean everything else looks great, the face, the body, the dingus. And then I look down and.... well..... damn. SAM is the best male body mod out there, but those feet...... please fix them. I wrote please right?