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  1. A new Boi! Kur Nathur, an Orc Barbarian Apparel as pictured: Horns: Horns from the Mask of Clavicus Vile - Craftable item from THIS MOD, Flower Crown: Ophelia - Craftable item from THIS MOD, Pauldrons & Pants: From the Geralt Ursine Armour Set - Found HERE (published by KouLeifoh), Gloves & Boots: From the K-9 Armour Set (From Vindictus) - Found HERE (published by Kirax). Location: Aether Suit (subroom) - Download page HERE. Note: There was a patch (changed the slot used when equipping) used so that both the horns and the flowers could be equipped together, patch can be found HERE.
  2. And old character. I believe he was a nordic hunter.
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