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  1. Awesome. Will try that. Thanks. One more thing, is it possible to give male NPCs a bulge with Atomic Muscle?
  2. Actually there is something. Do you use any ENB? One that looks good with Atomic Muscle maybe? I was meaning to grab one. In Skyrim was super easy. I found one that blows your mind. I'm not very pretentious when it comes to Fallout, I would settle for a decent one the most. I'm only saying this because my feeling is that Skyrim has a more vibrant modding community than Fallout and thus a more variety in terms of mods. Any suggestion would be helpful.
  3. Hi. I have been using another body, not telling which one so I don't stir up anything, then switched to Atomic Muscle . I had troubles making it work but then again Fallout is so much more complicated than Skyrim in so many ways. Now I have my men looking exactly how I want: big, manly, hard not to stare at their firm abs and big pecs. I have noticed some troubles with the alignment with some of Leito's animations tough but it's no biggy. I'll figure it out eventually. Atomic Muscle and SAM rock. Can't imagine my boys without them. Signed: a loyal fan of all Ulfberto's mods for Fallout and Skyrim Thank you for all your hard work big guy and keep it up
  4. Hey all, I have a problem with this underwear, sometimes my followers go invisible when going through doors. Only disable/enable solves the issue. I wish I didnt have to do that with every follower every time I entered Whiterun or broke into Carlotta's house to steal that sweetroll. I do not have this problem with any other cloth or armor piece. Just with these underwear. I have installed the equip 2K version of the original and overwrote with this. I use Vortex is thats of any importance. If someone had this issue too or knows a solution, plz share, I would be very grateful. Thanks and happy gaming.
  5. I absolutely love those underwear but I have a problem. Playing Skyrim from a laptop means I cant scroll down and up, which means I only got to use the last 9 underwear since I cant see the ID from the rest. If anyone would be kind enough (and with a PC keyboard) to post the ID of every underwear I would appreciate it a lot.
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