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    I tried to extract the skin texture file in this mod to replace the skin texture in the full version of Sam. unfortunately, the effect is very poor. Although the skin on the face can be used, the skin on the body is disappointing. I don't know where I made a mistake. There are big color differences and broken marks on the neck and body. I also used the high mesh body model, but it still didn't work well. This skin texture is great, I really hope it can be used in the full version.
    I wish it was something that could appear in the anus🤓🤓🤓🤓
  1. I tried to use KouLeifoh of Sam light texture add on 1.1 of kouleifoh to replace the original high-definition body mapping material of Sam, but the following situation appeared. The color difference between the neck and the body appeared. Although the skin material of the face can be used effectively, the body skin material has no effect. Although I deleted all the original DDS files of skin map, only the skin map file of Sam light texture add on 1.1 is retained. After entering the game, it is just the following figure. In this way, the body is still the original texture effect!!! Carefully checked the mapping conflict coverage, also did not find the reason!!!
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