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  1. Chompy

    Male Overhaul Mod

    Wow you made it into the hot files with a male mod on the Nexus? Congrats!
  2. Chompy

    SAM for SkyrimVR

    Isn't Skyrim VR pretty much Special Edition? I don't really know much about it, just that I've seen mods for VR on the SE Nexus page. It won't work if that's the case. You could probably use SAM Light, but it's just a replacer (no Samson/Samuel sliders).
  3. I've got something handy to throw in here. A plugin that lets you roll the free cam (among some other nifty things, like scrolling to change FOV). Someone on the Nexus told me about it a while back and I ended up using it a lot. Haven't tried them myself, but it's got a version for SSE and FO4 as well. http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&p=75209
  4. Chompy

    SAM for SE

    Vector has said he plans/wants to update SAM, and I know he's said he has plans to add additional features. He had been busy with his XCOM 2 mod, and I'm not sure what he's up to now. On the topic of other mods, there have been several dodge mods for SE (here's one: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14512). TKDodge won't be ported soon (probably) because tktk needs help with SKSE. HDT-PE won't be updated, but HDT-SMP has already been.
  5. Chompy

    What ENB do you use?

    Oh Snapdragon is another one that I used! And it's really not too much of a hassle to switch if you use the manager. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4143/?
  6. Chompy

    What ENB do you use?

    I used a lot, but I usually stuck with Suki's. Also liked and often swapped between DMT, Rudy, CubBorne, Antique Dragon, and the Jyggalag Grim and Somber preset. Probably more than those that I've used, but I've only got Special Edition installed right now.
  7. Oh no that's totally cool! I was the one who asked you so there's no need to apologize.
  8. As was I, but he responded very quickly and even offered to look for backups for anything we're missing. It sounds like you guys have most of it though. Edit: Oh woah, three replies before me because I am a slow poster.
  9. Hymnaru was kind enough to give permission to us all. As I said before, I've only got his Aoki refits. I'll post that if no one else has them, but my internet is kind of chugging along tonight so I'd prefer someone else do it.
  10. I went ahead and sent him a message, but he really hasn't been active much and I feel like it is kind of odd to request permission for something I won't be doing myself (I only have his Aoki refits I believe). @rtim Melesse mentioned which were from Hymnaru a few comments back. He had quite a few. I feel like the Lich King may have been his as well but I really just can't remember.
  11. Yeah guys let's avoid uploading things without permission. Privately sharing is one thing, but don't do this. I can send Hymnaru a message on the Nexus on someone else's behalf if you can't send him one (just let me know what files to ask about). And you should probably not be sharing Ixum's stuff at all.
  12. Okay, Katsuya-XIII was around on the Nexus in late November, and I've sent a message. We'll see what happens I guess. I have no idea where Hymnaru went and he hasn't had much activity on the Nexus. Someone could message him I suppose, but I don't have any of the missing outfits from him so I'm not gonna do it.
  13. Chompy

    SAM Male Body Preset - Help

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a custom body preset (I probably can't help either), but there is a tutorial for converting armors. It's packed in with the tools.
  14. Several of these are available here, either in the downloads section, or in the forums. Links to some in the spoiler. Not all of the mods linked to in that topic are available anymore. Make sure to look through the forums (only ten pages) and downloads.
  15. Chompy

    Aoki revealing armor mod

    Hymnaru refitted the vampire armor I believe, but I'm not sure about anything else. Is that what you're looking for?