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  1. I just did With how Youtube is cranking up it's TOS its probably a good idea if you kept the videos unlisted and posted links here on the forums and on Patreon and such, that's how I see it, at least.
  2. Effigy

    Titan Quest

    Those look awesome, Vector! Don't sell yourself short!
  3. Effigy

    Titan Quest

    Good luck! Already looking forward to see what you do with this game
  4. Effigy

    Titan Quest

    Oh nice! Recently picked this game on steam and really enjoying it.
  5. Holds looks awesome, definitely gonna download it
  6. I actually have most of those mods already lol I don't really use animation mods, though, and for jewelry I just use dovahbling. Expanded towns and cities seems interesting, I've never really used any town/settlement/house mods, Thanks for the suggestions, S34N
  7. I just recently got back into it a little over a month ago to finally do the main quest (after 600+ hours) and get all the achievements in anticipation for Remastered.
  8. Looking for something that expands on higher level gameplay; currently playing mostly vanilla with most of Enai Siaion's mods. I've tried using Higher Level Enemies but it seems like it replaces enemies at lower levels as well (Might be confusing it with some other mod-- it's been a while.). Any recommendations? Would be much appreciated
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