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  1. even if it is a SSE mod,but work well whit Skyrim when use the option file may be i need to Reorganize my word how to make a head(or hand genitals somgthing else) model that work well whit S.A.M?
  2. bug not work well whit S.A.M https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12776
    fantastic work when will add Argonian support
  3. is form 3dsgame http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-4905461-1-4.html take over by SAM model load well but glow textture not loaded in game the model no more glow i tryed to edit the other model file to realize the glow but failed T.T still not glow
  4. Hoodless Dragon Priest Masks NOT supported TO SAM
  5. colour aberration between neck and body the body is too round
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