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    I really love how the body looks. However, I've noticed some problems when sitting down and the character has no clothes on. The body's texture begun to stretch and the chest becomes deformed.
  1. exia0013

    SAM compatibility for Enderal

    @Khlas I just did a clean install. I did not have the fix from ffabris. I just downloaded it and I will also download the mods you have listed to see if it ends up working. I will let you know once I get the chance to play around with it. Thanks again -Exia0013
  2. exia0013

    SAM compatibility for Enderal

    @Khlas I seem to be having some trouble with SAM in Enderal. I tried uploading the Core to NMM, but the mod doesn't show up. I went ahead and manually installed the mod and the body shows up with the underwear in game. However, the MCM menu does not activate until I install your patch. But even then, there seems to be an overlap of textures. The SOS and underwear overlap/underwear won't go away at all, I can't alter the weight and the sliders won't work either... Is there something I'm missing? Are you using an older version of SAM with your patch? If so, perhaps I will just clean install Enderal and wait for @Vector to create the updated version of SAM.
  3. exia0013

    SAM compatibility for Enderal

    @Khlas @Vector Thank you!! I am going to try it out when I get the chance. -Exia0013
  4. I was wondering if there is any plan to make SAM compatible with the Enderal mod. I love this body mod and was hoping to use while playing Enderal. -Exia0013