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  1. PapaBear

    SAM Dragon Bone Set

    You don't need any other mods to have this armor set appear you just have to spawn it in within your console. To do that you'll need to open up your console with the ~ Key then type in (player.additem XX 1) enter. (XX is the item id) Dragonplate thong - (player.additem 1B002F9E 1) Dragonplate mask - (player.additem 1B002FA0 1) Dragonplate amulet - (player.additem 1B002FA1 1) Dragonplate boots - (player.additem 1B002F9F 1) if done correctly you should have the items spawned in your inventory. small bugs. 1. It clips through the body on bigger SAM builds 2. The bulge in the thong doesn't increase or decrease depending on penis size it doesn't change at all unlike with the skimpy armors other than these 2 small problems the Armour mod is really good and i recommend trying it out.
  2. PapaBear

    Brutish Argonian Male

    Someone(i would if i knew how) needs to make a King K. Rool outfit for this mod