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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the first time I post one of my follower mods, so be nice to me. . So here is Sebastian, I was inspired by the Sebastian of Dragon Age 2 for the look. I use KS Hairdos - Renewal (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F% 3Fid% 3D68311% 26preview% 3D & pUp = 1) for the hair. He is a confirmed archer, born of the nobility like his counterpart of Thedas, he loves adventure, fighting and sex x). He is specialized in handling the bow as you understood it and so has the Perk team. You'll find it at Whiterun, specifically in the Dragonsreach lobby. PS: I am French, and therefore, I apologize in advance for any misunderstanding.
  2. Currently I work on a better Version of my Follower Luzifer. Maybe I'll upload them here, if not, you can find them on Nexus. Also there are three others I'm working on Ragnar, Thoralf and Fynn one family
  3. Hi guys, I am about to start a new game and wonder if you could suggest me some followers that look good with SAM (but not the vanilla ones). In my last game I used "Torwygg the Miner" from Nexus and he looked fine with SAM. Suggestions please?
  4. Hello all, =0? I wanted to introduce and idea I had for a new follower mod that I'll be publishing in part because it uses the SAM body mesh and I am not sure if I can publish Sam's Files in other places To get to the point I made the character Ifrit originally apart of my Final Fantasy Summons mod and through some alterations have made him a bit less human but I'm running into some issues and I was hoping that someone could give me some pointers. I was able to attach a demon/horse penis to him and have it interact nicely with SAM's body and cock scaling however there are some issues... 1.There is a gap behind his scrotum it's small but for the sake of completion it's bothersome, it can be fixed in game with SAM's MCM and scaling the scrotum larger. But how do I fix this to not bother the end user... 2.The texture for the penis region is a bit off from the body it's not by much but it is once again bothersome. I've included pictures of the issue under the spoiler so for now the mod is release it here as a W.I.P. The texture is controlled by the underwear color I think if I make the penis larger then I'll be able to fix the issue however. The mod is released with the loose files and .bsa included so that people can add their own meshes and textures to the file as they see fit.
  5. 819 downloads

    I had some people asking if they could use some of my characters as companions so I'm just uploading them here for you guys. I might add more in the future if I get requests. Rekagar: Half-Orc Skald, wears light armour and carries a big axe. Can be found in the bard's college in Solitude. Required Mods: Brows Daren Armour for SAM Kura: Demonic mage of some variety (seems to enjoy fire at least). You can find him near the Atronach Stone. Required Mods: TDN Equipable Horns Adult Accessories for SAM
  6. Hey guys, I've read the making custom races compatible with SAM tutorial and I was just wondering, is it necessary to create a custom race for a follower in order to make them compatible with SAM? or is it possible to make them with the regular vanilla body and let SAM overwrite that? Or maybe I'm just understanding the instructions wrong. Ultimately I would like to make a few followers that would work for others who don't use SAM, so vanilla bodies, but I personally want followers in my game to be SAM compatible. I'm guessing that would involve making two versions. Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!
  7. Version 2.0.0


    Hello all this is my first file upload here on VP! I'm still new to modding, however most of my mods are going to be uploaded to the nexus. This is a VP port of my angelic follower mod "A Bound Angel" on the nexus when you link to it you can click my name under the author tab and see my other files. This mod when added to your game gives you two healing followers a male and female and accompanying spells and powers. They can be found at the statue of Meridia, along with their spells, at Mount Kilkreath. (They're suppose to be companions to the Meridia's Beacon Quest but this is not implemented and they will follow you anywhere for 500 gold hehehe) The Followers: The Female Follower Aloha: Is pictured wearing Grey Robes The Male Follower Carbuncle: is pictured wearing Dawnguard Armor The spells: useful restoration Summon spells The angelic mage & angelic guardian both are restoration summoning spells The angelic mage is a woman that looks similar to the female follower Aloha, the guardian spell looks similar to the male follower Carbuncle and is a swordsman somehow the cost for these happens to be way too high I'll update the esp to lowering the cost soon. They both heal the player and non hostiles in combat and outside of combat The Powers: A bit more detailed They follow you for 1 day they will attack enemies and heal the player when you're near them in combat as well as use the previous spells for support if necessary . If you're fighting a high leveled dragon it is very possible that the spells will summon an army of other angels. The powers are much more mature versions of the followers, the armor for the female version of the power comes from the game persona, so think of the powers as the followers innate persona: the personification of their will and determination. They heal both the player and non hostiles in combat and outside of combat The armor the men use is not the same as on the screen shots the armor used in the screen shots belongs to the very talented Mr.KouLeifoh you can use EEF or another follower mod to change the NPCs summoned by the spell and powers. I gave them crusader armor which fits paladin builds it is the armor pictured on it's own. My guys use SAM + Skysight textures + Pretty Face for SAM which all are available here. The Women in my game use CBBE + Pretty Face for CBBE I don't make followers I make spells, so let me know if there are issues thank you for downloading Credits: Bethesduh..... Halo: for the wings (static) and female armor SAM Pretty Face for Male Textures: By Don Ks Hairdos Renewal MAFK: Healing add on standalone
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