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Found 8 results

  1. Can someone make a refit of this mod, please? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72861/ it's called Witcher 3 Bandoliers. It goes really well with the SAM Letho Pants mod. There are no clippings, except for the chest area. I will attach the pictures below. enb 2019_08_02 22_30_21_31.bmp enb 2019_08_02 22_30_25_77.bmp
  2. Hello everyone! I found a mod that has been in the making a long time. It's the remade version of the Lykaios race using openly-shared assets by KrittaKitty, released after she dropped the work on the mod. This work was completed by BadDog of Lover's Lab. Here is the link to original file on Lover's Lab: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8487-lykaios-race-new-version/ After installing the mod with SAM Light enabled, the body works fine as long as you use an armour of any sort. If you're using SAM Morphs for RaceMenu though, expect seams near hands and feet area. It's a well known issue for custom races and SAM, but I have no knowledge on how to fix this problem besides opening the mod's archive in CK and checking the individual bodypart meshes. My past experiences with mesh editing have been disastrous, so I might classify this post as a request. The editing permission is granted as long as we credit the original authors of the mod. Thanks to anyone willing to read this. Have a good day.
  3. Hi, Does someone know if there is a mod with stormcloak refit for sam light. I use the poly conversion meshes and my whiterun guard have weird arm. If the refit mod doesn't exist, can someone tell me how to do it myself. I already try to replace the MaleBody by the SAMbody with nifskope (and it works for the arms) but now the armor is too small for the body: the upperarm and the "calf" are wrong. I don't know how to modify them and with which tool.
  4. theirs more then a few SexLab mods that require Devious Devices and theirs a problem that, "Devious Devices For Him" is not compatible with SoS Bodybuilder and theirs no support for SAM (although apparently it works at it's lowest body size ), Beast Race Refits are also out now and it will likely lead to more DD mods being made. Although i'm labeling this as a request, it's also a compatibility issue that i think a lot of SAM players would want fixed. Devious Devices For Him: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1316-devious-devices-for-him-18th-july-2017/ Devious Devices - Beast Race Refits (+orcs): https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4272-devious-devices-beast-race-refits-orcs/
  5. Hi guys! That's the first time I post a topic, I hope it will be all right. So today I came up with an idea for argonians. Argonians have feathers and / or spikes instead of hair, hence they can't have body hair. But then, why couldn't they grow spikes instead of hair for pubes? I found an artwork illustrating my concept pretty well, perfectly even, you can see it below ( artwork is by the talented artist DOHS, here WARNING VERY NSFW for those interested, it's on furaffinity ). We could use the same spikes argonians have for eyebrows or something similar. I tried to do it myself with nifskope, but I don't have the required level and knowledge to achieve this, it didn't show up at all in game... I guess it could be because a .tri files, I have no clue what they really do and if there even is a way to edit them. I just would mess up things pretty badly ahah! Hence my request, is there someone motivated and kind enough to give it a try? It could be a very awesome addition for argonian players! I also have a similar idea for Khajiits, but let's see if this works out first! Thanks a lot in advance, let me know if you guys would be interested to see this! Oh, and sorry if there are mistakes, English isn't my native language!
  6. I see Selachii - Shark race on this website https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3368-the-selachii-shark-race/ only support Schlongs of Skyrim SOS. I try to download and install with SAM installed then try to open game and got crashed while after intro Bethesda. So, i make a request to this forum for any modders who can make Shark race support for SAM schlong mod. Just like Lykaios Wolf race did for SAM support. Hope someone can make this mod support SAM. Thanks You.
  7. I have a question, since I have no idea how to refit my self, would anybody refit me the bloody Bandage from this Mod? Would like to use it.. :'D
  8. The Grimoas Talos Statue Replacer is a classic Skyrim nude mod but... it was made with Better Males in 2012 and now that its 2018, we have the amazing SAM body for a few years now and i think Talos deserves the SAM treatment i'm not sure how easy or difficult this request is (theirs two versions, i prefer "flaccid" but others prefer "erect") but hope someone can update this mod to a better body mod, .