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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.2


    Lykaios now works with SAM. Please note that this is far from perfect, the textures are not 100% accurate the feet are messed up, schlong mismatch, and there's black spots in the inner thighs area. Fixing that goes beyond my knowledge. This is because it's using the lykaios texture switching to Khajiit textures and you wont see these mismatches (execpt for the head) You're asked to overwrite the textures in the khajiit folder when you install this, doing that will set the "Smooth" option to the Lykaios textures. This is a stripped version, meaning that the female is gone and this is just the male. This is all you need, It works fine installing this with NMM. Also this includes a Fat head mesh created by Afendor. As Shown in The screenshot. The fat head mesh can be found in the mesh folder. All Credit goes to Krittakitty. She's the creator of this race. Also Credit to Afendor for providing the fat head mesh.
  2. So I decided to write this Quick tutorial on how to make a Custom race SAM compatiable. Note that this is only for the schlong and the body morphs to hopefully have full functionality. Hopefully this works out, in all honesty whenever I did this I just tested my way through and got a result in the end. How To Make a Custom race Sam Compatible.docx
  3. Version 1.0.1


    A lot was lost when Hall of Torque stopped hosting files including everything needed to mod SAM, so i'm re-uploading these files for modders who want to make SAM even more amazing then it already is, the main highlight of this package is the ability to refit or make new armor and clothing for SAM. *Disclaimers* 1. The PDF Refitting Tutorial included was made for Body Slide 2 and Nifskope 1.1.3, Not for current versions, interface and other changes are likely to appear. 2. I'm not a modder myself and won't be able help anyone with these files, if you need help, please start a thread in the forum's. Credits S.A.M, Tools and Original Release by Vector Plexus Backups Were Provided by Chompy Body Slide by Ousnius & Caliente Rebol by REBOL Technologies Body Morph by Expired NifSkope by NifTools
  4. So i have been having a problem with SAM to where whenever i try to change the settings for NPC'S in the MCM menu, there bodies don't look any different from which they first start (i.e How much hair is on his chest, or how muscular he appears) Thankfully these changes will take effect on my character. But whenever i go into the "Race" settings menu or the "Scaling" Menu and change the settings there. No NPC has a different body shape no matter how much i raise or lower the value of samson or samuel, or change how much hair is on their chest. Help would be appreciated!
  5. Hey all I recently decided to try SAM found it was fantastic except for the fact that everyone kinda looks like a buff stay puff marshmallow man lol. I looked around but couldn't find any other normals except for the hard bodies conversion but that one is a bit extreme for me so I went ahead and gave trying to make my own conversion in gimp a try (though hopefully a "real" modder will give us something better but till then...), anyways this is a mixture of the SOS and SAM normals if you give it a try and notice any odd seams go ahead and post with pics pointing it out (woop for my first post on this site!) ps file size limit so ill post the second part in a sec S.A.M. SOS+SAM normals pt01.7z
  6. S.A.M literally changed my life for Skyrim. The varied body types provided an immersion that was so realistic and exciting. To walk in a room and not know the body or penis shapes and sizes that might catch your eye, made it impossible to stop playing. Slowly but surely, just about every mod I used before found its way to a conversion for SE. Some that even previously relied on other mod authors assets, found workarounds or developed their own ways for scripts and such to be enabled. It's been more than 6 months now since all mods I required for my playthrough had been converted to SE in one way or another, except this one. I have waited patiently for someone with the skillset, time, passion, and knowledge to bring us a fully working version of S.A.M and prayed that I might stumble upon the site one day to see some exciting news. Not being on the Nexus or having a way to track updates without visiting this external site from all other mods I use, has been frustrating, but the hope I had for the project remained. I appreciate the hard word and news updates from users such as KouLeifoh who kept sparking that interest with at least a body to use in the meantime, but it's been a while since any new developments have been posted. I am beginning to lose that last spark of hope that my SE game will forever be incomplete as developers wait for assets that may never come. That nobody will step forward with the willpower and capabilities to develop a workaround or similar asset to NetImmerse, etc. Surely there must be another way!?! If seeing a fully functional S.A.M. is hopeless, I wish we would be informed that nobody is indeed working on this in any way to get this to work in any fashion so that I can sadly find a way to live on without it. I have decided to use the higher quality body that has all of the armors/clothing refitted in the meantime....that is the Dizona body until SAM moves forward, if at all. I apologize for the rant. I'm just so frustrated that I do not have the capabilities or time to find a workaround for the mod and that nobody else has either. I guess it's time to move on...
  7. CVictorrosso

    SAM Downloads

    Hello everyone, i have been following SAM for a while before it moved to VectorPlexus site. I didn't download the poses back then and they aren't available here yet. Anyone haves downloads for these or were they from other creators? I also saw refits for dawnguard. Also, this is my first post here, so if i am doing something wrong, i will take down the post if asked.