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Found 25 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    Description To say that this is a retexture isn't entirely true. It uses the textures that are already included in the base download (made by SinglesCat). However, those were never really destined for the SAM body shape, so there were several inconsistencies when you used it. I originally did some edits and uploaded them to the Hall of Torque, but they no longer host mods; I was in the process of doing some edits for myself so I decided to upload a newer package here. Generally the edits are subtle, but hopefully noticeable, mostly fixing seams and so on. Bear in mind I'm not a texture artist, so the work isn't going to be 100% perfect, but I hope it's acceptable. What's Included I included facial textures, but I didn't edit them. I included them only because they are no longer available on SC - Khajiit Improvement, and the body textures simply won't match with anything otherwise. I tweaked the smooth and striped diffuse textures to remove some seams along the inner leg. There's some lighter color sections that didn't match up, I did some cloning to close that seam a bit. This was more noticeable on the smooth texture, so that's where I focused the work. I also added shading for a belly button and nipples. SAM's body mesh has them modeled in, so I figured I would add them. The belly button is just simple shading I did, but the nipples are from the Lykaios Race by KrittaKitty. I also added toe nails that were used from the hand mesh, personally I use a set of toe claws I modified so I don't even notice it anyways. I copied over the pink toned flesh that ShinglesCat put on the palms and soles in her newer version of her textures, and put them in here. Vector's original genital texture was meant to match up with Bethesda's, creating a seam, now it should be mitigated. With certain ENBs the specular lighting on the hands and feet were too high, and as a result created a seam. I reduced the specular lighting here to reduce some seams. The same is true sides of the body, and the hip/groin region. I heavily edited the normal maps so that now when your character's weight is at 0, or you have high values of samuel, there's less muscle definition. This is most noticeable in the chest region but I smoothed out everywhere else as well. For higher weights I added abdominal definition, and more definition in the pecs, they should appear a bit more smooth now than before. The abs aren't quite as defined as some of the mods I have seen here, but I was going more for a look that was in line with the Vector's textures. Finally, I swapped some of the channels for the normal maps on the tail. This was present even in the vanilla game. Basically light hitting the tail from above would be treated as if it was being cast from the front, and vice versa. This was most noticeable in front of something like a fire, or outside, where your back would be bright and the tail would be dark, or vice versa. The tail should match the body now. I included a before and after picture if this doesn't make sense. Credits ShinglesCat for the original textures, whose work is most predominantly featured here VectorPlexus for SAM KrittaKitty for LykaiosRace, whose texture assets I used slightly Bethesda for Skyrim
  2. Version 3.0


    "Super-duper" update. -Clearer texture. -A better body relief. -Nipples :D. -Almost overhaul. -Now there is support for chameleon textures !!! (RaptorFS not included) Notice! (This revised version of the mod that was posted here. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76427/? . I asked permission of the person who made these textures for Sam. But when I finished and put them into his Message. He just disappeared (on the nexus mod has not been updated). So I decided to post it here.) Special thanks to the Fiszi . For the first adaptation of the original textures under the mod SAM. And Kraan for nipple textures.
  3. Hullo, my name is Nocturniquette and I recently arrived here from Nexus Skyrim SE. I'm sorry, but I don't really know where to put this so... *shrugs* I don't have any problems, but I do have one suggestion if I may, for a mod? I've looked everywhere on the Nexus and the internet and found nothing. The male running and walk animation in vanilla Rim is the worst. Like, it's so *bad*. I don't know if it bothers anyone else, but for the longest time I've wanted something a little less clunky and a little more smooth when playing a man in game. I usually play males in my games but I cannot because the animations turn me off when I'm the opposite gender. This happen to anyone else? If anyone could find a fix or make a mod for this I would be supremely grateful. ;) Sorry for the long post. :) I love all the mods and I can't wait to try them out! <3 Thank you everyone for your time and consideration on this topic. God bless you and have a good day.
  4. Disclaimer: Screenshot included solely for reference, and I do NOT claim any ownership of the image. So, I was wondering if this is possible. To create a SAM-compatible armor mod that supports the many styles of the Roman Gladiators (think of the Spartacus series). A few thoughts I had on how to go about this: - the harnesses can be different styles (i.e. bulldog, X, etc.), or incorporate all of them and make each style of harness and respective material individually craftable. - arm, leg, and head equipment pieces can be left as they are, if so desired - the loincloth could be traditional brief-like or along the lines of the Forsworn Loincloth Refit and Barbarian Loincloths (who doesn't like freeballin). As a personal touch, methinks in the case of loincloths that they be just enough to cover the genitals, showing the v-taper and the legs. - themed material usage w/ appropriate material requirements (leather, glass, ebony, dragonscale, etc.) - crafting perk requirements (seems odd to make a dragonplate gladiator set with a low level in Smithing) Sadly, I have neither the coding skill nor the artistic talent to really put this into realization (I wish I did), but I can conceptualize. What do you guys think? Would it be doable?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    SAM compatibility for Enderal. I made it for the HDT and scripts fixed SAM version by ffabris, so let me know if it works with the normal SAM version. Install it with a mod manager and overwrite the .esp file when asked to do so. Credit : Vectorplexus SAM - Shape Atlas for Men © Copyright 2016 Vector Plexus. All Rights Reserved
  6. I installed SAM just a year ago (fear of ruining the game) and, I must say, it's giving me an entertainment that I hadn't in games in years! Skyrim, by itself, already gives me immense fun. Joining the most varied and growing number of good mods, makes the game stay interesting for years ahead. SAM brought me something I've always wanted in this game: Be able to shape the bodies of my characters, more to my liking. This way, I want to thank Vector and his staff for all this (creation of mod, reshape, tools, etc.), opening a topic for the publication of videos related to SAM and other associated mods. Here are my first two videos and sorry for the "square" graphics (put the videos to run in high resolution for better viewing):
  7. Hi everyone, I need help on a Skyrim issue, not exactly in SAM. Basically when I reach level 50+ my skyrim starts with a very long time and 90% of the time it does not carry the salves anymore. Does anyone know how to solve it? Sorry for any icomodo or if this is against the rules the site was not intensional. And I'm sorry for the horrible English (Google Translate) T ... T
  8. There are so many mods out there, so I was wondering if some members of this community would be so kind as to share some of their must-haves to run a gay playthrough? Kind regards, amdizzzzy<3
  9. After installing all the needed plug ins and using NMM 0.63.9 to install and make SAM active Skyrim when hitting load, new, or even continue the loading screen stays there... for good... and since I was using steam I tried to Shift+Tab and Start out of the game and nothing happens. I have to hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get out of the game window which made the whole desktop freeze into a black screen with a Skyrim window boarder and Windows menu stuck on the toggled on. Which means at this point have to Restart the whole computer with holding down the power button for 10 secs for a hard reset. not normal lol On my NMM I did notice Race Menu was saying it was "expired" when it was the brand new update? So I re-looked over this; 3.3.0 seems to be stable [maybe] I had 3.4 on so that might of been the case? I also have NO idea what the photo of the Mod Organizer with SKSE at the top is. I don't have that and no idea where to get it. The only thing I have close that is on my desktop and that only starts the game all over again. All I have is NMM so I guess that will do for now?.. As of right now this is just a post of where I am at right now while I toy with everything and figure out what's going on.
  10. S.A.M literally changed my life for Skyrim. The varied body types provided an immersion that was so realistic and exciting. To walk in a room and not know the body or penis shapes and sizes that might catch your eye, made it impossible to stop playing. Slowly but surely, just about every mod I used before found its way to a conversion for SE. Some that even previously relied on other mod authors assets, found workarounds or developed their own ways for scripts and such to be enabled. It's been more than 6 months now since all mods I required for my playthrough had been converted to SE in one way or another, except this one. I have waited patiently for someone with the skillset, time, passion, and knowledge to bring us a fully working version of S.A.M and prayed that I might stumble upon the site one day to see some exciting news. Not being on the Nexus or having a way to track updates without visiting this external site from all other mods I use, has been frustrating, but the hope I had for the project remained. I appreciate the hard word and news updates from users such as KouLeifoh who kept sparking that interest with at least a body to use in the meantime, but it's been a while since any new developments have been posted. I am beginning to lose that last spark of hope that my SE game will forever be incomplete as developers wait for assets that may never come. That nobody will step forward with the willpower and capabilities to develop a workaround or similar asset to NetImmerse, etc. Surely there must be another way!?! If seeing a fully functional S.A.M. is hopeless, I wish we would be informed that nobody is indeed working on this in any way to get this to work in any fashion so that I can sadly find a way to live on without it. I have decided to use the higher quality body that has all of the armors/clothing refitted in the meantime....that is the Dizona body until SAM moves forward, if at all. I apologize for the rant. I'm just so frustrated that I do not have the capabilities or time to find a workaround for the mod and that nobody else has either. I guess it's time to move on...
  11. Question: I want to use CBBE and the BodySlider thing in general, but I'm afraid it might interfere with SAM. Would it?
  12. Hello everyone, After long hours of scouring every forum on this site trying to find a direct step by step guide on making custom followers sam compatible i have still yet to find anything that briefly explains the whole process and so i'm writing this as my last resort of help and with that being said im begging for anyone to please come to my aid and help me work this out cause i cant keep dwelling on this forever, thank you. The followers i'm trying to convert (both have similar directories): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87669/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93081
  13. Is anyone interested in making the male version of this outfit? Gantz suit female here is the male version Thanks.
  14. So, I'm trying to get SAM and Furry Age of Skyrim (does what it sounds like it does) to work, but it seems like, no matter which one of those mods are loaded first or second, SAM applies the human skins to all of the races. As for the missing dicks, I can only assume it's from the race things that it's using. Help?
  15. Hello everyone! I found a mod that has been in the making a long time. It's the remade version of the Lykaios race using openly-shared assets by KrittaKitty, released after she dropped the work on the mod. This work was completed by BadDog of Lover's Lab. Here is the link to original file on Lover's Lab: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8487-lykaios-race-new-version/ After installing the mod with SAM Light enabled, the body works fine as long as you use an armour of any sort. If you're using SAM Morphs for RaceMenu though, expect seams near hands and feet area. It's a well known issue for custom races and SAM, but I have no knowledge on how to fix this problem besides opening the mod's archive in CK and checking the individual bodypart meshes. My past experiences with mesh editing have been disastrous, so I might classify this post as a request. The editing permission is granted as long as we credit the original authors of the mod. Thanks to anyone willing to read this. Have a good day.
  16. Hello everyone, i have been following SAM for a while before it moved to VectorPlexus site. I didn't download the poses back then and they aren't available here yet. Anyone haves downloads for these or were they from other creators? I also saw refits for dawnguard. Also, this is my first post here, so if i am doing something wrong, i will take down the post if asked.
  17. Hi, I installed S.A.M for skyrim a few days ago and while I do enjoy the mod, I prefer more muscular bodies as the default bodies are a little too beefy for me So I tried installing this https://vectorplexus.com/topic/334-sam-with-muscles-normal-maps/ and https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74142/? but the bodies stay the same. I tried installing them with nexus mod manager. Can anyone help?
  18. 864 downloads

    I had some people asking if they could use some of my characters as companions so I'm just uploading them here for you guys. I might add more in the future if I get requests. Rekagar: Half-Orc Skald, wears light armour and carries a big axe. Can be found in the bard's college in Solitude. Required Mods: Brows Daren Armour for SAM Kura: Demonic mage of some variety (seems to enjoy fire at least). You can find him near the Atronach Stone. Required Mods: TDN Equipable Horns Adult Accessories for SAM
  19. Anyone familiar with Moonlight Tales' Apex werewolf model? I love how menacing the head is. However, the slim only build is a major letdown. Is there anyway to place the Apex werewolf head model into the SAM werewolf model? I assumed the head can be changed since my SAM seems to be overriding the werewolf head of Moonlight Tales.
  20. Hello! I really apologize if this is a really silly question, but I've been looking everywhere and it's driving me nuts. I installed SAM today. It's awesome! I ran into a couple of issues initially, blue skin, that sort of thing, but I got past that, everything looks great! ...but no matter what I do, the character has underwear on. If there's a toggle for it in the MCM menu, I can't find it. I have seen pictures on this forum of characters without underwear, so I'm assuming it's possible, I just don't know how...help?
  21. Hello. I have searched a lot how to make my butts bigger then the slider allows. For example, the maximum butts size set to my samson character is 0,250 for waist, in other words hips or butts. How do i make my waist even bigger then this 0.250? Is there some console command to chage this variable for something like 400? Or some slider? because the one that i searched cannot do more then this. The maximum for schlong is 100, but i found a mod that makes it go up to to 150. How do i do that with waist settings? to put it around 0.350, maybe? Thanks
  22. So I have been fiddling around with this forever now, I had it working before but I cant figure out how to make it work now, Is there a way to make the ningheim race compatable with the SAM Body meshes? any help would be loved thanks.
  23. Hey there! since I could not see a forum for SSE (either I'm blind or not there yet!) I'm asking here: will either of those be ported to SSE? which are the technical difficulties on doing so? waiting for skse for SSE? hmmm just that, thank you!
  24. I know it’s overdue, but here’s the news (or, rather, the lack of them): In a nutshell: Rumor has it that development on SKSE64 is on hold due to a lack in skills, time and motivation. More specifically, progress seems to be halted due to a lack of understanding in reverse engineering skills regarding “x86/x64 assembly and C++ structure alignment”. Development ‘Might’ Continue Some more background is shed on the matter by a member of the development team, in where is stated that several team-members are occupied with other responsibilities, including the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE).He furthermore anticipates development to continue once new human capital is attracted or when personal motivations and agendas allow for it — but specifically says “don’t count on it, and do not assume any release schedule”. Development Thread Closed We notice that many users are complaining about the fact that it’s been months since the release of Skyrim Special Edition and SKSE64 has yet to be released. Do note however that as with most mods, these developers work for free in their spare time to deliver a product to the public on a voluntarily basis. We should consider it a privilege and luxury if we will ever get to enjoy it in the first place… In fact, according to the forum, “irrational and hostile behavior from users” made moderators close the development thread! Help Us Bethesda We don’t understand why Bethesda isn’t helping out. They could integrate SKSE64 in their official product, which in turn allows for more (complex) mods, making for a much better product. They can view it as a simple opportunity to boost game sales, while in fact its a massive opportunity to boost their reputation and enhance customer loyalty. Even without a monetary standpoint, it could be a great way to show how much you care about the community. We could all get to enjoy the 64-bit Skyrim Special Edition for what it truly is, while waiting for the next Elder Scrolls. Source Invisible Entity: http://invisibleentity.com/entertainment/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/2017/06/development-skse64-on-hold/ Nexus Mods: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5206865-wipz-skyrim-script-extender-skse64/
  25. Hello, Anybody have all of SOS or SAM Textures by Hymnaru ? Unfortunately LM doesn't have the backups. Thanks you all !
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