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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Anybody have all of SOS or SAM Textures by Hymnaru ? Unfortunately LM doesn't have the backups. Thanks you all !
  2. Hey all I recently decided to try SAM found it was fantastic except for the fact that everyone kinda looks like a buff stay puff marshmallow man lol. I looked around but couldn't find any other normals except for the hard bodies conversion but that one is a bit extreme for me so I went ahead and gave trying to make my own conversion in gimp a try (though hopefully a "real" modder will give us something better but till then...), anyways this is a mixture of the SOS and SAM normals if you give it a try and notice any odd seams go ahead and post with pics pointing it out (woop for my first post on this site!) ps file size limit so ill post the second part in a sec S.A.M. SOS+SAM normals pt01.7z
  3. Hi everybody! I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself (*waves*), while at the same time seeing if i could get some guidance. I have some mods that have SAM listed as a requirement, yet actually like SOS and would want to keep it. Is it possible to have SAM for the mods that require it, yet use SOS as the default (that is, for everything else?) Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
  4. Hello ^^ was wondering if anyone had conversions from old/removed mods - armors - stuff adapted to SOS ? I Know the stuff on loverslab like vanilla armors and the stuff on nexus but i was thinking of like adaptations of custom armors or along those lines ? Thanks regardless if there is or isnt ^^
  5. Firstly how are you? Well I started using SAM yesterday after seeing some videos with that skin texture and I got excited, but after a few read about the mod I discovered that it and SOS are not compatible. Can someone tell me if there is any way to use SAM BODY and SOS genitals? Thanks in advance. PS. Sorry for this bad English, I'm using Google Translator, because I speak Portuguese.
  6. Hey, just installed the SAM mod and SOS. Also have the argonian texture mod and a few optional ones for SAM. However, two things happened. First, when I went to the body paint for my argonian, his beautiful blue scales turned black save for head and paws. Nothing I did fixed it and I don't wanna restart. What happened and what do I do? Is it a glitch at the start? I saw white markings on him when he got shirtless.... Second, I noticed almost every Stormcloak had purple bodies, no textures or clothes save their undies, boots, and head and hands. I'm p sure I have some decent vram, but if it is that, what's the likely culprit, and if not, wtf? Also, I would like to know if it was possible to make the SAM and SOS mods affect only me and anyone specific. I wanna feel special X3 Thanks for your time!