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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I create this thread so you, people, can discuss about modding, share your creation with others, screenshots or things like that about The Sims 4. Only gay stuff ofc. I also want to know if people are interested to mod this game? Like making animations, poses, outfits, meshs etc for this game? To know if I'm not the only one making things and so we can discuss about it. I started to make poses at the moment (really nsfw), but I will try to make them as animations too. I will try to change the male idle animation too because the vanilla one is boring. One thing I really dislike contrary to Sims 3 modding is the lack of bones such as tongue in the rigs, it's really sad. But, it seems easier overhaul because some people made a tool that make the modding scene way easier. (Sims 4 Studio) I will post more stuff soon.