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Found 2 results

  1. Since I've been gone for 95 years and aren't sure when I'll have the chance to get back into refits I figure the next best thing is showing how I make them. 1. Open both the folder of the thing you're refitting, and the character assets folder (Skyrim\Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets). Keep them open for the duration of the refit. Open Outfit Studio and load both malebody (whichever weight you prefer) and the armor/clothing you want to refit (the same weight as malebody). For this example, I'm using Newermind43's ESO Nord Armor at weight 0. 2. Right click SAMBody, and set it as reference. 3. Go to slider on the menu bar, then go down to import tri morphs. Import malebody.tri from the character assets folder. Click yes on the prompt. 4. Click the pencil icon to the left of the Samson/Samuel sliders (either or works) to edit slider data. Select all the armor pieces under meshes, then press control + c (or go to slider > conform selected). After a second or two you'll notice whichever slider you chose is at 0 and still purple. Slide it all the way over. 99% of the time, there will be some clipping. Use the increase/decrease mesh and mask vertex tools to fix it or to edit the morphs however you please. If you have clipping under the armpit, don't worry about that right now. 5. Once you're done, click the pencil icon again. Go up to slider, down to export tri morphs, and save the tri in the folder of whatever you're refitting. For organization I save it with the same name as the nif file so they're next to each other (cuirass.tri if I'm editing cuirass_1 for example). This tri morph only contains slider data for the armor. Press control + w to close the project. 6. Repeat the first step of the tutorial by importing malebody, then the armor into outfit studio. Don't set it to reference (which was step two). Import malebody.tri. If you had armpit clipping, use the mask vertex tool to mask the visible parts of SAMBody. Or if your armor has more visible body than covered, mask the covered parts and then press control + shift + i to inverse the selection. Don't do this hastily as you want to make a clean selection you remember so doing this for the other malebody weight will be easy. Then right click SAMBody, and delete vertices. 7. Now import the armor tri you exported in step 5. Click yes on the pop up. Now you have slider data for the body AND the armor. Export the tri morph again and overwrite the old one in the outfit folder. Don't close the project yet. 8. Right click SAMBody, then go down to properties. It will start you in the Shader tab, you want to click on Extra Data two over from that. Delete what's there in the value box and enter the path to the armor tri file within the meshes folder. In this specific example, I put NewerMind43\EsoNordArmor\Eso_Nord_Armor.tri into the value box. For most armors the format is "armor\folder name\tri_file.tri". Make sure you're putting a back slash and not a forward slash (something I've done on accident a couple times). 9. Go to file, export, "to nif...", and save over the outfit you just refit. Now you have a refitted armor for one weight. Refitting the armor for the other weight will take time depending on how cleanly/precisely you deleted parts of the sam mesh (if you did delete any part). Typically since my armors are skimpy the armpit isn't an issue, so I can just put the other weight sam body and the other weight armor into Outfit Studio and do steps 8 and 9
  2. Hi, as topic says, i'm looking for a tutorial for refitting armors for S.A.M. Anybody can help me? Thanks.