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Please see attached screenshot. As you can see on almost all of  the underwear mods I try, they never hide the junk.

I am using SAM Light SE

I have been using SSE NIF Optimizer to make Oldrim mods work. This particular mod is the Chaurus Mashup Refit mod by Hoamaii. In the past Ive tried with various others which all seem to do the same thing. 

Please tell me what Im doing wrong.




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That is because the Body is different in SE.

In LE we have a seperate Dick,in SE it's attached to the Body. That means you would need to replace the Body Mesh via Outfit Studio, sadly. Or a new Tri file I think.

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On classic I have the genitals attached to the bodies too so deal with this a lot.  It could be a simple matter of shifting around some settings the CK or XEdit, or the mesh may need to be adapted, or both. Depends how the nif is made. There are some Nifskope guides here that may help if you haven't used it before. Pretty handy to have around for stuff like this

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