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Which TES Game had the best ending in your opinion?

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I just finished the main story questline for Oblivion for the first time and so I became curious what's the best ending in the TES series in your opinion.


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Not sure if it qualifies, but I particularly enjoyed the Court of Bedlam arc of Elder Scrolls Online (that spans on two chapters and one DLC: Morrowind, Clockwork City and Summerset), and its ending, with all the characters you encountered in Summerset making an appearance and the "Words of the Fallen" book.

Base-game only, I liked Morrowind's ending since it ended on a very positive note and felt a deserved accomplishment. Oblivion is the second best because in the end it feels like Martin's sacrifice didn't impact much on Cyrodiil itself... yes, there are no more Gates spawning daedra, but it feels like the get over the end of the empire quite too soon, imho, or like they didn't care much in the first place. In morrowind, on the other hand, you being the nerevarine was something shared among very few people and even on that there were doubts (are you really Nerevar reborn or someone who just had luck in fulfilling the prophecy?). The protagonist is something in between the "right person at the right time" (like the Hero of Kvatch) and the "chosen one" (like the Dragonborn) and the ending reflects that.

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On 8/7/2019 at 9:49 PM, Ayser said:

I liked Skyrim's ending, it was subtle and had a satisfying closure.   

Me too.

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