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Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 1

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20 hours ago, EllieDoe said:

Are you using SAM or SOS? Also, what body textures and gloss textures are you using? They look SO GOOD omg

Thanks in advance! ❤️ 

I'm still using SOS for now, but I'm trying to make a new save and try to remake my char in default race and going to try SAM. The gloss texture is from Wet Function Redux >>> https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3804-wet-function-redux-male-textures/

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Urine and semen embarassment. More meaty NSFW.

Roleplay: No wonder how my custom random nord unnamed NPC-playable character went inside the Embershard Cavern. While he took bath with soap, the evil ghost wizard stealthily cast a curse, forcing him to pee indefinitely and he had hypersensitivity to his orgasm as ultimate embarassment.

bandicam 2018-10-31 22-00-16-385.png

bandicam 2018-10-31 22-01-24-214.png

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