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Download — Enderal Armor Replacer

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Enderal Armor Replacer

This mod will replace most if not all armors in Enderal with armors which have SAM-compatible versions available on this site. These are the modifications that will be made:

Set of Inodan - Kynreeve Armor
Set of Selna - Hulk Outfit + Steel Gauntlets and Boots
Set of the Ash Warrior - K9 Armor
Set of the Fallen - Dragonlord Armor
Set of the Mysterious Nomad - Moonlight Assassin Armor
Set of the Nemesis - Cultist Robes (vanilla Skyrim)
Set of the North - TERA Castanic Armor + Skimpy Crouch underwear
Set of the Rat Catcher - Draugr Armor (vanilla Skyrim)
Set of the Skaragg - Orcish Armor (vanilla Skyrim)
Set of the Skybreaker - Dungeon Guards Inspired Armor
Set of the Swashbuckler - Leather Loincloth (Barbarian Loincloths) + Leather gauntlets and boots (vanilla Skyrim)
Set of the Tracker - Gannicus Modular Armor
Set of the Venturer - Geralt Wolf Armor
Set of the Wandering Mage - Miraak's Robes (vanilla Skyrim)
Arveldhiin's Heart - Savior's Hide (vanilla Skyrim)
Assassin Armor - Red Assassin Armor
Silk Robes - Scholarly Mage Robes
Boots of Concealment - Wandering Sellsword Boots
Armor of the Black Libra - Dragonlord Armor
Armor of the Keeper - General Tullius Armor
Armor of the Petrified - Bonemold Armor (vanilla Skyrim)
Armor of the Rhalaim - Nightingale Armor (vanilla Skyrim) (I recommend using Nightingale Prime HD leather retexture and Sithis Armor All Black Retexture. You will need to move the texture files from the latter to textures\enderal\ForgottenStories\armor\rhalata\elite)
City Guard Armor - Centurion Armor
Endralean Plate Armor - Hulk Outfit + Steel Gauntlets and Boots
Endralean Sublime Garb - Dashing Spellsword Clothes
Fine Leather Armor - Geralt Ursine Armor
Fine Steel Armor - Nordic Carved Armor (vanilla Skyrim)
Various Hats - invisible
Heavy Leather Armor - Heavy Barbarian Armor
Iron Armor - Iron Armor (vanilla Skyrim)
Jespar's Armor - Daren Armor
Leather Armor - Aradia Leather Armor + Leather gauntlets and Boots (vanilla Skyrim)
Zar'ah's Armor - Countess Armor
Nehrimese Armor - Thanos Outfit
Old Vagrant Dress - Jake Asia Armor (Dirty)
Protector Armor - seedye Tsun Armor
Steel Armor - Steel Plate Armor (vanilla Skyrim)
Vagrant Dress - Jake Asia Armor
Vesture of the Cosmic Winds - Olgierd Armor


All of the above linked mods along with their requirements are required. You will also need SAM compatibility patches for vanilla (and DLC) armors: 


  • Install all the required mods.
  • Follow the instructions on this page to make the mods compatible with the new races in Enderal. You can select all of the mods at once in xEdit before right-clicking and using Apply Script... This will apply the script on all of them at once.
  • Install this mod and activate it.


No mod assets have been included in this mod; the only assets included are some vanilla assets that were missing from Enderal.


For anyone curious, these are the armors that were not replaced, because they already use a vanilla model that should have been replaced by a SAM-compatible one if you installed the vanilla refits and hot fixes:

Set of the Scarlett Night, Bone Judge's Boots - Dark Brotherhood Armor
Set of the Tribunal, Messenger Robes - Thalmor robes
Acolyte Robes, Aurora's robe - Mythic Dawn robes
Adept Robes - Adept Robes
Aeterna Armor - Elven Armor
Apprentice Robes, Arcanist Robes, Elegant Wild Mage Robes, Keeper Robes, Magic-Imbued Robes, Mentalist Robes, Navigator's Robe, Novice Robes of the Order, Vestment of Mystery - Apprentice Robes
Banded Cuirass - Banded Iron Armor
Blesses Leather Gauntlets - Fur Bracers
Blue Robe, Brotherhood's Robes, Cultist Robes, Grey Robes, Priest Robes, Psionicist's Robe, Sulyre's Robes - Monk Robes
Armor of the Righteous - Ebony Armor
Cloak of Twilight - Archmage's Robes
Clothes - Clothes
Entropy Robe, Scion Robe of the Rhalata - Necromancer/Warlock Robes
Fine Clothes, Noble Clothes, Party Clothes, Gallant Clothes - Fine Clothes/ Jarl's clothes
Firm Leather Armor - Studded Armor
Gallant Wild Mage Robes, Magic Flow Robe, Master Robes - Mage Journeyman Robes
Hooded Mage Robes - Hooded Mage Robes
Jester's Clothes - Cicero's Clothes
Kilean Garb - Farm Clothes
Kilean Sailor Suit - Miner Clothes
Nehrimese Robes - Psijik Robes
Nomad clothes - Redguard Clothes
Old Starling Armor, Starling Armor - Dwarven Armor
Pyrean Armor - Blades Armor
Raddled Clothes - Prisoner Rags
Red Robes - Dark Brotherhood Robes
Rune Armor - Wolf Armor
Sandals, Wedding Clothes - Wedding Clothes
Shadow Finger - Executioner Gloves
Sheogorath Outfit - Sheogorath Outfit
Skaragg Armor - Forsworn Armor
Thief Armor - Thieves Guild Armor


Do let me know if you find any armor piece that has been overlooked.


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