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Bosmer Armor Pack Request

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I know it's not a revealing/skimpy armor... but someone else finds something sexy on feeling baddass??
Bosmer Armor Pack by maty743.

It would be nice to run around in this, if anyone please could make the refit for SAM/SAM Light?
I use some of the SAM refits on my SAM Ligh based character... it works just fine in most of the cases (just had issues with modular armors where the "body" armor piece is not the underwear part resultin in glitch of your privates out of the textures xD .... or if i use the "underwear" option for SAM Light that results in the glitch of both the underwear from the body mod and the modular armor mod)

maty743 already statted permission to use his work while some requirements are met:
- For all cases in which permission is granted to use assets all credits must be clearly stated and have links. So you will need to credit and link to this file but also have the sub credits for this eg. Arynn and Isilmeriels need to be credited.
- Translations are fine as long as it is credited correctly including the links of the authors I have credited.
- [ EDIT 21 JUNE: You are allowed to use this in armor packs as long as it credited properly as stated in the first section of the permissions.]
- [EDIT April28 2015] You can use this mod and its assets in any mod under these conditions. It can not be used in a  payed mod. You can not be using a service like patreon where you would be getting profit from releasing the mod. Normal donations are fine. As usual credit and link should be given.

TYVM in advance if someone is willing to make this refit. ❤️

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