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Install EBD with SAM light texture add-on

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Want to use all the textures from this mod at the same time, randomly on NPC, follow this guide.

I'm using Mod organizer 2 but it may be the same for other mod manager.

1. First install EBD in MO2 and its depencies (JAVA, SKSE).

2. Configuring MO2 to use EBD:

  • press ctrl+e that will open "Modify Executables" window
  • click on the "+" to add a new application
  • give a "Title" like "EBD"
  • In "Binary", you need to enter javaw for exemple: "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_221\bin\javaw.exe"
  • In "Start in", enter <path to the mod>\SkyProc Patchers\EBD (you can use the "..." button to browse to the correct directory)
  • In "Arguments", enter -jar "<path to mod>\SkyProc Patchers\EBD\EBD.jar"
  • "Apply"
  • Select "EBD" in the executable selector.
  • Press "Run" to see if you can launch EBD

3. Creating a new mod in MO2

  • Create an empty mod
  • Name it
  • Rigth click on the new mod and "open in explorer"
  • Create new directories: "Textures\EBD\Male\SAM - Light - KL Textures"
  • Open this new directory
  • Create new directories inside it : _0-Default, _1-Smooth, _2-Light, _3-Medium, _4-Heavy, _5-Furball

4. Open the zip file of the kl texture mod.

  • Copy "00 Diffuse\_bodyDefault\_0-Default\textures\actors\character\male\copy malebody_1.dds" into the _0-Default directory of the new mod. Don't copy directories, only the DDS file.
  • Do the same for all directories (Only the diffuse textures are needed, the other will be taken directly in the texture mod).
  • Enable the new mod.

5. Disable some NPC:

  • Open the file in EBD mod : "SkyProc Patchers\EBD\Files\Npc_BlockedEDIDs.txt"
  • Add theses lines to the end of the file (if I use EDB on werewolves, they become invisible when they transform)


  • Farkas
  • Arnbjorn
  • KodlakWhitemane
  • Skjor
  • Vilkas


  • Add other NPC you don't want to modify

6. Run EBD

  • Open the "Main Settings"
  • Select "Change Textures/Meshes" and "Enable Consistency"
  • Open the "Texture/Mesh Settings"
  • Select "Male Humanoid"
  • Click "Texture Pack Editor"
  • Select "Male"
  • Click "Load MainPacks"
  • "SAM - Light - KL Textures" must be the only pack in the list (that will not
  • work with other pack)
  • Click "Patch"

If there are some conflict with other mods (black heaad for example), you can remove them from EBD: edit the file SkyProc Patchers\EBD\Files\BlockList.txt and add the name of the ESP file.

Don't forget to endorse the mod on nexus if you like them.


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