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Textures of other races missing???

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Hi all, I recently got the SAM mod and a new argonian texture mod which both work fine however when I take armour off on any other race than argonian (male only) the whole body turns purple? Im not sure what to do or how to fix it... any help would be appreciated


Id also like to add that I am unable to have all 3 SAM mods working (SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits, SAM-Textures-HD and SAM-Core-2.011.19), yeah I totally dont know how it works lmao

When I have the refits activated, the textures show up but SAM doesnt. When I have the textures activated, the textures still show up and the SAM mod (in Skyrim) but with no options just the text SAM, and when I have the core activated the SAM mod works but again, the textures dont.


EDIT: wow Im an idiot, got it to work now!

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