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Looking for testers who has Male on Male animations to test out anus sam.

It is for smp only so far and I only have 100 weight made and ingame. 



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Why use the low poly sam version for this ? almost all players already use high poly version. I mean for sex screenshoots, using high poly body very good. Besides your anus mod will become so much gorgeous. I will try this body. I hope this for SE not LE. I don't play LE anymore. 

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It was just to see if I could get it ingame.

Had lots of trouble getting this far so went as simple as possible.  The uv gave loads of problems but finally got it I think. It is only high weight and it's for oldrim the only one I play. 

As for future plans sure I try to make all bodies available as well as all game versions. That could be hard as I can't really see the results so it will be last.

How much I do will depend on if people even want a working anus on Sam. 

Testing for me is hard any ways as I like females. I just noticed no one had done anus on males and I want it because if you get beat defeated then well it's a funny punishment. 

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