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Actor’s position with heels during AAF Animations

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Hi Ulfberth  - I’m using Rogg No-Strip Items Manager to keep AAF from stripping the heels off the player and NPCs, along with the FO4 High Heel system. 

Even if I disable the HHS before an animation, the recipient character is too high in relation to the giver.  It seems like the heels themselves are causing the recipient character to be higher but I want the character to keep the heels on during animations. 

Is there any particular location in AAF or one of the other XMLs to globally lower the recipient’s position relative to the giver’s position?


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Well, you can apply the offset to the animationdata.xml for individual animations or in positiondata.xml for all at once, but keep in mind that would affect all the actors at once, wheter they have HH on or not.

You can always look up in AAF wiki in github for the XML Reference index for that.


Positiondata: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/wiki/XML/position


There are examples of offset in the end of each link

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Thanks for the advice.

On further consideration, I think it must be the high heel system that is actually raising the actor, rather than the shoes themselves.  I don't have the coding experience to do it myself but I wonder if there is a line that can be added somewhere that will disable the HHS at the beginning of an AAF animation and then reenable it when the animation ends.  Any ideas on that, great guru?

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