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Guide : AAF, Bodytalk & Erection Fix

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There have been a lot of people reporting problems related to AAF and erection, so instead of having to repeat the procedures everytime someone asks, i'm making this thread for that purpose.

Here you'll learn how to fix the erection for Bodytalk V2 and meant to use with The One Patch. I gonna show the steps using Mod Organizer 2.




So, Bodytalk just changed the "Erection Method" to work the same as EVB in the last version (2.75). This was requested as a way to mainstream how the erection work for both bodies and avoid incompatibilities (looks like theres still people using EVB).

First thing first you go to Bodytalk download page, make sure to have all requirements installed

CBP Physics for Fallout 4 and ZCBP are actually optional. Both are used to make the Butt and Balls to bounce, its up to you if you want it or not.
Now having ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton(Zex) or how i call it: ZeX Skeleton is very important!!! The zex skeleton is important because its the "database" for the Penis, Balls and Butt Bones. Not having it will lead to Floating Meshes just like this:



Also keep in mind TO NOT INSTALL ANY OTHER SKELETON BUT ZEX SKELETON, or you may experience the issue above too.

Alright, with all the requirements installed, you can now finally install Bodytalk V2 main file. KEEP IN MIND THIS GUIDE IS MEANT FOR BODYTALK 2.75 AND UP.

I like to use the Manual Download cause i feel like its less likely to corrupt the download.


Once downloaded we can proceed with installing the archive:



The FOMOD installation will start. Dont worry if it says its 2.70 the author forgot to update the version number display.


Proceeding with the installation steps picking the options you want, make sure to pick the Bodyslide Files. You just need to pick Nude (for cut penis) or Nude Uncut (for uncut penis). But you can get all of them if you wish.

With Bodytalk installed we need to build the body with the correct sliders in Bodyslide. Since i'm using MO2 i need to run Bodyslide through it. If you dont know how to add Bodyslide to MO2 or have problems with bodyslide not showing the files you installed, do the folowing:


1. We need to copy the bodyslide mod folder location to make it easier to add to mo2. Right click on Bodyslide MOD in your mod manager and select "Open in Explorer"






1.This will show up. Its your Bodyslide separated mod folder.

2.Now browse to Tools\BodySlide path






1. Now that we are here, we can copy the path




With the path copied, you can close the folder and do the following


1. Press this bar to show the dropdown menu
2. Select Edit





1.This will Show up

2. Enter a title you can remember of, im putting Bodyslide & Outfit Studio

3. Press this button right here, this is were we are going to paste the path we copied earlier



1. This will show up

2. Paste the path we copied earlier right here and hit enter

3. Select Bodyslide x64.exe (for x64 system) or Bodyslide.exe (for x32 system)

4. Hit Open







1. Bodyslide is now added to your mod manager. Press this again to show the dropdown menu

2. With Bodyslide select press RUN






1. With Bodyslide opened, click here to show the Outfit\Body dropdown menu

2. Select TBOS-BodyTalk-V2-Uncut for (Uncut Penis) or TBOS-Bodytalk-V2 (for cut penis) Theres just the Uncut option for me cus i've chosen to not install the other one.







1. Bodytalk comes with few presets for you to choose from. If for some reason there are not displaying (as you can see in my screen i just got my personal preset "Big Bear" displaing)...

2..... In order to make the presets show, we just need to resave Bodytalk project with a different name in Outfit Studio. Press this icon right here to open Bodytalk in Outfit Studio.




1. with Bodytalk opened in Outfit Studio go to File>Save Project As...








1. This will show up

2. Put in the name you wish, like your name. Anything will do, i just put TBOS-BodyTalk-V2-Uncut-Guide

3. IMPORTANT!!!! press To Project AFTER entering the name in the Display Name box. Note that once you press this button the names for Slider Set File, Shape Data Folder and Shape Data File will change too

4. hit SAVE!


Now close Bodyslide and Outfit Studio and reopen Bodyslide again through your mod manager. After that select the project we resaved in Body/Outfit dropdown menu, in my case TBOS-BodyTalk-V2-Uncut-Guide





Note that we now can see the presets for the project we resaved in Outfit Studio. Pick a preset of your choice!



1. Press the Preview button and 2. will show up, so you can see how each preset looks like



Now time to build the body!





1. Scroll down until you find the Erection slider, its important to have it set at 0% or you'll have problems (the penis MUST be FLACCID in preview window when set at 0%, if its not, so its not BT 2.75). Also, dont touch the Erection Point Down (or Erection Down) and Erection Point Up (or Erection Up) they must be set at 0% as well. I also dont advise messing with Penis Length slider (Set it at 0%) it might be troublesome. Every other single slider you are free to mess with. You are not limited to just slide the sliders you can also enter custom values above 100% like 200% or below 0% like -50%.

After finishing with your customization, you can press Save to save your modifications to the selected Preset or you can press Save As... to save your preset with a different name. Its !!!IMPORTANT!!! to save your modifications into a preset in case you need to build your body again or to build your body for an OUTFIT.

2. check the Build Morphs box, so Bodyslide can generate the morphs for Looksmenu and AAF to read them ingame. Having this checked everytime you build a body is !!!IMPORTANT!!!

3. With everything done you can finally press BUILD.



Right! now that you have created a renamed project, generated the morphs and possibly created a new preset, and at same time, your are a MO2 user. Those files went to your Overwrite. So you want to assign the files accordingly. If you have saved a preset you probably want to have it stored somewhere reliable. So you can use the Create a Mod... MO2 function from Overwrite to save it as a personal mod in your MO2. If its just generated files like Bodies/Outfits/Morphs you can drag those files to the mods folder instead like we generated for Bodytalk so we put the files inside of Overwrite into Bodytalk folder. I'm not gonna show how to do that because the purpose of this guide is to show how to build the body correctly and fix the erection for AAF. If you need to know how to mess with Overwrite there's a plenty of MO2 guides in youtube for that



Ok now everything is finally set up for Bodytalk. The last step to sort the mods order.


People often think that sorting mods are directly related to sorting the plugins, which is not true. If you want a mod to have priority over other mod you need to sort the Assets. In MO2 sorting assets are done by dragging and droping the mod in your left panel. The order we want here is to have The One Patch to Bang Them ALL overwriting everything including Bodytalk and all other animations packs Animation Packs. In MO2 you can see the one patch is below everything so it has priority over them (the Lighting with + sign means its overwriting everything/ the Lighting with - sign means its being overwritten by another mod / the Lighting with + and - signs means its overwriting a mod before it and being overwritten at same time / the Grayed Out Lighting sign means the mod is redundant)

If you dont know how to sort Assets with Vortex you can follow this guide: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/File_Conflicts:_Nexus_Mod_Manager_vs_Vortex


The current The One Patch to Bang Them All version (1.1.1) is not updated with Bodytalk V2.75  so you need to install this file and place it AFTER The One Patch:



Just like this:


KEEP IN MIND THAT ONCE THE ONE PATCH VERSION 2.0 DROPS, YOU WONT NEED THIS ERECTION FIX FILE ANYMORE. You can keep it if you want it, but there will be no point.


If you guys have any question/problems/suggestions so let me know 👍




Edited by Ulfberth
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