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Bodytalk for the Men of Commonwealth : A Bodygen Preset Project

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 this is a initiative of me and @Tarmane (from our discord server, link in signature) to make a bodygen preset for Bodytalk

Bodygen, is a looksmenu feature that allows us to randomize/assign morphs based on a body, in this case, the body is Bodytalk. In other words, with a bodygen preset, you'll see npcs with different body shapes; more muscular, fat, slim a mix of everything etc. The main idea is to give special attention to companions (assign body shapes to them based on their characteristics/backstory), but all other npcs will be target by bodygen as well. For this to happen though, we need your cooperation!


Q: how can i help the bodygen project?
A: The bodygen is based on bodyslide preset, so if you have one we ask you to share with us.

Q: But i have a looksmenu preset instead, what should i do?
A:If you have a looksmenu preset with saved looksmenu bodytalk sliders, so you can share that with us too, we can still convert that to a bodyslide preset to be used in the bodygen project.

Q: Got it, a preset, but how/where are those files so i can share with you
🌑The bodyslide preset is located in Data/Tools/Bodyslide/Slider Presets/YourPresetNameHere.xml If you use MO2 do the following you need to locate in which folder your preset is located, if you dont know how:
1. Go to Data tab in the right panel
2. Expand the Data folder
3. Expand the Tools folder

4. Expand Bodyslide folder
5. Expand SliderPresets
6. Locate the preset you want to share, in my case the preset is Big Bear.xml and its located in Looksmenu and BS Presets mod folder




Now that you know where the preset is just open the said mod in your left panel

Right click on the mod and select Open in explorer

your mod folder will open so you just have browse through the directory again: Tools/Bodyslide/SliderPresets/YourPresetNameHere.XML


Big Bear.XML

🌑The looksmenu preset is located in Data\F4SE\plugins\F4EE\Presets\YourPresetNameHere.Json
If you are a MO2 user do the same as above but for looksmenu preset ofc.

Also dont forget to attach images of the presets if possible

Ofc everyone who contributed will have their name on credits for this community project.

Let me know if you have any questions 👍

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