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Installing SAM on Enderal

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I tried installing SAM on Enderal, but while i'm still early in Rocio ship without any clothing the body is like Enderal original mesh (private area is covered with rag). When i equip again the raddled clothes the body changes into SAM but it was purple, texture problem?

How do you guys install it with Enderal?

I used MalesTexture (i forgot from who is this) and the facial texture is applied just fine.

here i attach the screenshot of my MO (I am modding Enderal using the "advanced way to mod Enderal" by gopher  

Enderal SAM.png

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I've just got back to Enderal on a fresh install and it looks like the Enderal Patch is mostly working for me apart from the custom races it uses. It looks like you're missing some of the pre-reqs for SAM, mainly RaceMenu, XPMSE and HDT physics extension.

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