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Download — SavrenX Vampire Lord Tank ( Skyrim SE )

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SavrenX Vampire Lord Tank ( Skyrim SE )

Hate skinny vampire lord ? here use this Samson Vampire Lord. I add crown for extra armor. The skin customize totally mixed original and other skin.

Credit to vampire lord retextures because i use that mod as ingredients too. 

Put this After skeleton XP32 or XMPSE or whatever i forgot the name. XD.

The wings bigger. So that's why we can't let default vampire lord skeleton overwrite it. Put this last order is the best. This vampire lord made from old SAM stuff so i post it on Vectorplexus.

Try running on the ground with this vamp lord. He looks like Hulk running. Hahaha. I love it. I use bigger default wings because i want to see his BODY. I don't want use grimoa wings or anything. I like see his muscle and running.

Have fun then.


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