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Wetfunction Redux+SAM body texture swapping issues.

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Is anyone else getting issues using Wet function to work with SAM?

It works for like, the 1st inital texture application and as soon as anyone changes clothes (i have a sauna with auto-strip because i'm a man of no taste) the body becomes dry as a bone. Sometimes the face fucks up too but for example;

"Ooh i'm so hot and sweaty, lets go dip in the pool" NPC strips "Fuck me I'm all of a sudden bone dry" NPC dips in pool with no change "Huh, I'm even more dry? Meh lemme put my armor on... And now I'm soaking wet, with oil."

Like unless i equip the same armor that they were initially wet/oily with then the texture swapping will not occur and the default (understandably) dry as fuck texture will persist and they'll only been seen wet for maybe all of 5 seconds.

Anyone else have texture swapping issues with Wetfunction? Like do SAM and Wetfun not see eye to eye or is there a way i can make them fuck with eachother?

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You're using two mods that both do (conditional) texture swapping.  There will be blood conflicts.  SAM changes body textures whenever there's a gear change.

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