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How to "inject" a bodyslide preset into your looksmenu preset

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Its really boring having to enter slider values in your looksmenu advanced sliders manually right? Here you'll learn how to make the process real quick by "injecting" your bodylside preset into your looksmenu.



Open your bodyslide preset with notepad++. Bodyslide presets are located in Data/Tools/Bodyslide/SliderPresets/YourSliderPresetNameHere.xml

If you are a MO2 user, you can locate your bodyslide preset by going to the DATA tab on your MO interface and browse to Tools/Bodyslide/SliderPresets/YourSliderPresetNameHere.xml. You'll notice theres a second column on the right of your preset, saying where its comming from. For eg: the aaaaaabuttonFinal.XML is coming from Bodytalk Bodygen Presets so you need to open that mod folder in your MO2 (open in explorer) and browse through the said folder







The preset i'm opening is named as Big Bear.xml


Once opened, youll get something like this. Just press ctrl+A to select everything and press ctrl+C to copy, we are going to paste it to the bodyconvert tool




Now open up bodyconvert tool.
With that opened: paste the code we copied from the bodyslide preset xml in the Bodyslide (XML) column then hit the button below (1. To Bodygen) > then press the button second button below (To Bodymorph) > And last copy the new generated code in the last column - BodyMorph (JSon), we gonna paste that to the looksmenu slider



Now open your looksmenu preset with notepad++ by going to the following directory > Data\F4SE\plugins\F4EE\Presets\YourLooksmenuPresetNameHere.Json (same steps as the bodyslide preset if you are MO2 user).
Now before blindly pasting the code, you need to pay attention to the syntax or your preset wont load ingame
When you first open your preset, itll most likely look like this:





So after pasting the code it must look something like this




Once you are done, you can save the file by exiting (notepad++ will ask if you want to save the changes) then you just have to load your preset in your character or in a npc $using looksmenu ^^

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