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Pure Visual - VFX-Based Slot-Free Genitals

This was made originally for Vectors male Atronach/Spriggan since I wanted them to be fully male, so explored ways to do it without needing human bones. This was the solution, a VFX approach to have manhood that does not use Slot 52 or any slot for that matter. This one is tailored for human use and can be adapted as a flaccid addition to custom gear or other purposes.  Tweaking beforehand is suggested as VFX behave differently such as textures dont swap, etc, so best to treat this as a resource first and playable-as-is second

This gets auto granted and adorned EZ no hassle. While worn press up or down to bend

The Juggernaut has been put on backburner since I dont usually release betas and was reminded why :-P so reusing this page for any smaller resource type mods I put up




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