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Download — SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head

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SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head

SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head

This is a conversion of shadowtigers's mod, SV Beards for compatibility with KouLeifoh's High Poly Head

SV Beards adds over 100 facial hairs, created by combining multiple vanilla facial hairs together. There are no new meshes and they will use whatever textures you have installed for vanilla facial hair.

This mod adds the exact same facial hairs which SV Beards does, but these are suitable for use with KouLeifoh's High Poly Head.

There are versions for both LE and SE.


None, but if you don't have KouLeifoh's High Poly Head installed, then this mod is pointless and the facial hairs will be invisible.

The original SV Beards is not required, but you can have both installed at the same time if you want.



shadowtiger - SVBeards

KouLeifoh - High Poly Head


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2 hours ago, darksynth0 said:

So SE version is only .esp file, correct?

No need to download anything?


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