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[Guide] Easy Refitting of a Revealing Armor for SAM Lite

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At first thank you, KoeLeifoh for your great mod of SAM Light! If SAM Lite hadn’t existed this world then Skyrim SE would have become completely unattractive to me.

I love not only SAM Original but also SAM Lite. But these two SAMs have some differences when somebody refits armors for them, so SAM Lite no longer need to tweak esp files referring slot 52, and SAM Lite also needs some tweaking in order to show genitals correctly after nif files are built by Bodyslide or optimized from LE to SE by SSE optimizer.

This guide aims users as novices such as me for refitting armors for SAM Light. SAM light is superior and the only option for SE and high poly body. One of SAM’s allurement is to expose genitals and persons such as me who are brought under the spell of it maybe wanna refit revealing armors. Trough refitting work for SAM Lite I noticed some tips to make it efficient, so using mask function on Outfit Studio is so useful for some cases, especially in armors’ heavy clippings about fitting body and covering almost entire body. This guide is also helpful for those who wanna stuck off or love to dispatch their works, and still feel themselves as a novice at refitting works even though they have some experiences about these ones using Bodyslide/Outfit Studio and Nifskope. I had refitted some revealing armors for SAM original and now have refitted one for SAM Lite. This guide is just a rewrite to my memorandum I noted down when refitting a revealing armor for SAM Lite High Poly meshes and where I found an efficient way in the working then I arranged it and upload it as this guide here. Of course what is efficient varies depending on what do you want to do, but I think this way is still useful in case of refitting some armors by which most of the body is covered and in which clippings are flagrant.


  • Bodyslide/Outfit Studio (I used v.4.6 and 4.8 for this refitting work)
  • Nifskope (I used v.2.0 Rev.7 for this refitting work)
  • SAM High Poly Conversion malebody meshes (these meshes’ author is KouLeifoh) for LE or SE
  • SAM Lite Body and Genitals Highpoly.tri (I made this for this working)


A. Advance preparation on this refitting

1. Modifications of SAM Lite malebody nif files

This guide uses SAM High Poly Conversion malebody meshes and I recommend you modify these meshes for this working, of course considering copyright I can’t upload these modified meshes here then I place here KoLeifoh’s High Poly Cut original meshes which are just extracted from his mod SAM High Poly Conversion 1.5 for this guide without any modifications, and I hope you to modify these by yourselves as below processes.

This process is so simple, if you decide which version you refit armors for, LE or SE then just modify its decided version of _0 and _1 meshes with Nifskope as you 1) change Ninode of Name from SAM to Scene Root, and 2) delete NiStringExtraData of Bodytri (Pic.0), then 3) save these modified _0 and _1 of nif files.


When saving these nif files, I expediently name _0.nif as SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_0.nif and also name _1.nif as SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_1.nif because I use LE for this guide. Of course up to you which version you use, LE or SE. But if you use LE and think to optimize it for SE then you need some tweaking for it later.


This guide uses DE Casual Armor in Apachii Divine Elegance Store as a sample and deletes its lower region of vertices on Outfit Studio in order to expose genitals as an advance preparation. If you can love some 3D applications then you can omit this step.

               ARMA: 0202BB3A

               Meshes: DivineElegance\Male\Clothing\W3\PrologueOutfit_1.nif

               Tri: DivineElegance\Male\Clothing\W3\PrologueOutfit.tri

Now I use LE version of DE Casual Armor in this refitting work so far because SE version is packed to BSA then unpacking it bothers me. Maybe you can get same result whichever you use LE or SE version one but I don’t recommend you will use the refitted nifs on SE after they are refitted on LE and are optimized for SE because maybe you need to replace some shapes. Such Mickey Mouse operation should be avoided.

1. Start Outfit Studio. File/Import NIF, so import DE Casual Armor of PrologueOutfit_1.nif. Then select pants, click Mask button, Mask vertices of groin where you wanna expose genitals (Pic.1). I cut it out a bit bigger for making clear about cut portion.


2. Tool/Invert Mask, then Sharp/Delete Vertices. So you can delete vertices where genitals can get exposed (Pic.2).


3. File/Export To NIF (Pic.3), this exported nif is named as ApachiiCasualArmorDelVrtc.nif in this guide. Of course entering an arbitrary name is available.


4. Start Nifskope, then open ApachiiCasualArmorDelVrtc.nif, which has been exported in step A-3 and also open SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_1.nif.

5. Block/Copy, so copy below 2 data from SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_1.nif to ApachiiCasualArmorDelVrtc.nif (Pic.3-2).

  • BSDecalPlacementVectorExtraData
  • BSBehaviorGraphExtraData

And save ApachiiCasualArmorDelVrtc.nif.


B. Delete some vertices of SAMBody for efficient refitting

Sometimes I get annoyed to tweak clippings for SAM when making my characters strike some poses such as sneaking, sitting, or holding weapons even though I believed to tweak clippings and bones weights correctly as far as I could, so especially tweaking weights and clippings around broadest muscle of back and armpits are hell work for me. Then I prefer to delete all vertices from SAMBody’s ones except for ones which are exposed from armors.

1. Start Outfit Studio. File/Inport From NIF, so import ApachiiCasualArmorDelVrtc.nif, which I have already saved in step A-5, and also import SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_1.nif (Pic.4).


2. Select SAMBody shape, then mask SAMBody of vertices considering original meshes of Body, pants, and shirt and also considering a deleted portion in pants in order to cover over exposed portion from this armor. Pic.5 shows that blacked vertices are portions which are masked in SAMBody and are exposed out about chests, forearms, calves, and groin. Then Shape/Delete Vertices to delete unmasked vertices from SAMBody (Pic.5-2).



3. Delete Body shape (Pic.6) because SAMBody can cover for Body then you no longer need this Body one.


4. File/Expot To NIF as ApachiiCasualArmorSAMBodyDelVrtc.nif.


C. Create tri morphs for SAMBody_2

This chapter is a bit tip in order to be available to set SAMBody_2 as reference and make sliders effect for SAMBody_2.

1. Start Outfit Studio. Import SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_1.nif, then set SAMBody as reference (Pic.7).


2. Slider/Import Tri Morphs, so import SAM Lite Body and Genitals Highpoly.tri (Pic.8)


3. Unset SAMBody by Set Reference SAMBody again (Pic.8-2), then re-import SAM Lite Body and Genitals Highpoly.tri. This step is important, if forget it then sliders can’t work well because slider data can’t correctly get exported in step C-5.


4. Rename from SAMBody to SAMBody_2 (Pic.9).


5. Slider/Export Tri Morphs as SAM Lite Body and Genitals Highpoly SAMBody_2.tri (Pic.10).


D. Build _0 and _1.nif, and tri files

1. Start Outfit Studio. First import ApachiiCasualArmorSAMBodyDelVrtc.nif, which was exported in step B-4, next import SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_1.nif. After import these two nif files, check whether SAMBody_2 exists there, then delete SAMGenitals_2 and SAMForeskin_2 if they exist there (Pic11).


2. Set SAMBody_2 as Reference (Pic12).


3. Slider/Import Tri Morphs, so import SAM Lite Body and Genitals Highpoly SAMBody_2.tri which has been exported in step C-5 (Pic.13).


Here, check whether Samson, Samuel, and Weight 1 to 0 of sliders work well by moving these scale marks left or right (Pic.14).


4. Select shapes except for SAMGenitals, SAMForreskin, and SAMBody_2, then Slider/Conform Selected (Pic.15).


5. Tweak clippings but I guess this tweaking can get minimum rather than normal one, ex. in this case you should only tweak around forearms, calves, and groin a bit so you can set aside almost clippings in thighs, upper arms, shoulder, chests, and back etc. (Pic.16).


6. Please don’t forget Properties/Extra Data/Add/BODYTRI to set DivineElegance\Male\Clothing\W3\PrologueOutfit.tri here (Pic.16-2).


7. Save as Project, so name as ApachiiCasualArmorSAMBody_2Project (Pic.17).


8. Start Bodyslide. 1) Select ApachiiCasualArmorSAMBody_2Project in Outfit/Body, 2) slide Low Weight in Weight 1 to 0 slider to 100%, 3) tick Build Morphs, then 4) click Build button (Pic.18).


9. Check whether 3 files of _0 and _1 nifs, and tri have been built into a folder you described in the project of Output Data Path in step D-7. Pic.19 shows that files have correctly been built under armor\New Outfit folder.


E. Make SAMGenitals and SAMForeskin correctly display on game

If you install files, which have been built in step D-9, then you can get deformed genitals and heavy clippings from my experience, so you should replace shapes of SAMGenitals and SAMForeskin in _0 and 1 nifs with original ones and delete SAMBody_2 shape there.

1. Start Nifskope, then Open PrologueOutfit_0.nif, which have been built in step D-9. Also start other Nifdkope, then Open SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_0.nif.

2. In PrologueOutfit_0.nif, Block/Remove Branch, so delete 3 shapes of SAMGenitals, SAMForeskin, and SAMBody_2 from this nif (Pic.20).


3. At first to replace SAMGenitals, in SAM Lite LE Highpoly malebody_0.nif select SAMGenitals shape, then Block/Copy Branch (Pic.21).


4. In PrologueOutfit_0.nif, Block/Paste Branch, so paste original SAMGenitals shape here (Pic.22).


5. Next repeat steps of E-3 and 4 for SAMForeskin, then save PrologueOutfit_0.nif.

6. About PrologueOutfit_1.nif as same above, repeat steps from E-3 to 5.

Now you have replaced shapes of SAMGenitals and SAMForeskin, which had been exported from Bodyslide, wirh original ones. Hence you can display correct genitals on game.


F. Install into Game

 Install two _0 and _1 nif, which have been made in step E-5, and a tri of files into skyrim. If you see DE Casual Armor as below pic then this is finished.


G. Troubleshooting

If you find in character's groin on game, a hole or deformed genitals as below pic after having finished steps up to F, then please replace SAMGenitals and SAMForeskin in their meshes with KouLeifoh’s original ones.



Tkanks for KouLeifoh and his great mods of SAM Lite and High Poly Conversion


SAM Lite LE High Poly Cut Original malebody_0.nif

SAM Lite LE High Poly Cut Original malebody_1.nif

SAM Lite SE High Poly Cut Original malebody_0.nif

SAM Lite SE High Poly Cut Original malebody_1.nif

SAM Lite Body and Genitals Highpoly.tri

Edited by Kyoshi

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