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Hi, So I'm very new to mods and wanted to add SAM light to Skyrim SE, but I cannot find a installation guide anywhere and have been attempting to figure this out for the past 3 hours with no luck. I installed Race Menu, UI extensions with Vortex and as far as I know they work fine, but I'm unsure where to put SAM light and SAM morphs. If anyone wouldn't mind helping me by telling me what is needed to do I would greatly appreciate it. and if any additional Info is needed I will provide all I can.

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it's the same like installing any other mod. for those two mods it doesn't really matter which is first or second. 

SAM Light has no requirements that I'm aware of, but SAM Morphs has a requirements section listed in its description and you need SKSE for that. SKSE is installed differently from other mods, so you should watch an installation video for it to show you how to install it.

what's the problem you're running into?

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