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Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 2


This thread is for sharing your game screenshots of sexy nature. Keep in mind that we appreciate men here, so please keep female private parts covered.

To *.bmp uploaders: please, don’t upload your pictures in bitmap (BMP) format. Here's why:

  • Inconvenience. Forum members have to download them just to take a look.
  • File size. Aside from limited server storage, it takes more time to upload them for you and increases download times for everyone else.
  • Obsoleteness. While bitmap format definitely has its uses, it's not used anymore for consumer imaging needs. Don't use .bmp.

That being said, please use any imaging software or online service you like to convert .bmp files to either .jpg or .png and only then upload your pics.

Message added by sh1ny

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On 8/12/2020 at 6:26 PM, Don said:

SAM Daily Nuru Specular

This project actually my old one and i decide to finish it. Most female world even males only Boost their specular in their enb and call it oily. 

Oily skin require very specific characteristic.  Most oily specular will remove your skin pores and replace it with PLASTIC. Oil actually enhance your skin pores and sexiness like body builder contest. I like nuru porn actually XD so i'm thinking make 1 specular that can give us Daily specular and Oily skin at high specular setting on enb. So far so good. With play enb specular under OBJECT tab, we can produce oily and daily specular at same time. This specular also very good for daily.

I trust this explain well too XD
I will release it later. 

So what are the recommended settings under Object? I had to re-install my ENB and lost them :(

On 11/7/2020 at 10:56 PM, sentiao said:

from Isle of mara sex mod unfortunately not support se😥

They tore that ass up!

I need to find Isle of Mara lol

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1 hour ago, bennzoor said:

Finally moved to SE and got COTR working with SAM LITE 




The Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim Special Edition Screenshot 2020.11.11 -


intesresting place mod.I looking player home like EVIL LAIR OF HYDRA,Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley  mod.I never found it.

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