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Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 2


This thread is for sharing your game screenshots of sexy nature. Keep in mind that we appreciate men here, so please keep female private parts covered.

To *.bmp uploaders: please, don’t upload your pictures in bitmap (BMP) format. Here's why:

  • Inconvenience. Forum members have to download them just to take a look.
  • File size. Aside from limited server storage, it takes more time to upload them for you and increases download times for everyone else.
  • Obsoleteness. While bitmap format definitely has its uses, it's not used anymore for consumer imaging needs. Don't use .bmp.

That being said, please use any imaging software or online service you like to convert .bmp files to either .jpg or .png and only then upload your pics.

Message added by sh1ny

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On 6/3/2021 at 9:15 AM, Men and Muscles said:

My favourite types of Skyrim men <3 

From left to right:

Palsis: Petit, slim, hairless, average dick.

Rein: Athletic, muscular, hairy, thick muscle dick.

Brinst: Tall, Superhero body, solid muscle, small manhood.

Goran: Very tall, chunky, less defined muscles, girthy uncut dick.

Gortan: Huge, everything massive, oversized muscles, giant dick.


These men look so good! Are there any racemenu presets for them? especially the giant orc?

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, vekrahs said:

These men look so good! Are there any racemenu presets for them? especially the giant orc?

Sure, I can share Mr Gortan :)

He does need a bit of setting up to get him to look exactly like he does here. Most importantly is his face textures because he has a nice smooth face rather than the usual wrinkled Orc look.

Just throw "maleheadorc_msn.dds" into textures/actors/character/orcmale wherever your SAM textures are installed.

He also uses this beard mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49201?tab=files (the "Just Beards" version)

Here are some other Racemenu tweaks you will need to give him his correct body and genitals. If you want him exact, that is.


Gortan.jslot maleheadorc_msn.dds


Edited by Men and Muscles

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Hello, a pleasure to greet everyone.
It is the first time that I introduce myself, I am Nachtigall Miseme, Nach for friends, a big fan of skyrim and eager to learn how to make mods, I am a good draftsman and I really like Bara and Hyperbara-Furry, part of that is because I really like Vector mods, and I know it since I used SOS in its first version.
Unfortunately my pc is low mid-range so I run the game in low graphics
This is my homonymous main character Nachtigall Miseme, The Orconi = Orc + Oni.
Age: 32
Height: approximately 2.5 m
Weight: between 304 to 423 kg
Weapons: he knows how to use everything but he has a preference for large swords that he uses with one hand due to his great strength.
Magic: Master of chaos magic and healing.
Curiosities: his skin produces a special oil that protects his body from many things in addition to being a natural lubricant.
Penis size: very large. . enormous.
Special abilities: Extreme strength, he can modify his body, even though it is always great, among others.
Intelligence: average intelligence even though he is very clever.
Hobbies: go on an adventure.
Favorite food: everything sweet, cheese and wine, hates all fish and seafood.413561332_TESV2021-05-0200-40-01-67.thumb.jpg.ec872e094e9c20056bed3db4056b63ed.jpg315156597_TESV2021-05-0200-44-50-81.thumb.jpg.cb5c2336af03b8a8b9ea99bdb1b1714d.jpg1491129685_TESV2021-05-2312-38-01-52.thumb.jpg.82dc970bd8ae67418aedb0229a75b22b.jpg1397937216_TESV2021-06-0219-29-47-28.thumb.jpg.bf12586e9fa98ccc9d8bf90014e18cb5.jpg


TESV 2021-06-02 18-42-52-69.jpg

TESV 2021-06-02 18-45-50-66.jpg

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4 hours ago, Don said:

Release the cosmo....


  Hide contents



Obviously he has reached the Seventh Sense and will out power the Gold Saints and slay some deities anytime! (Proud fan of Saint Seiya franchise)

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Bochu update v2 normal map body.

Using Cuyima unfinished project mix to get smoother body and less muscular one. 


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