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Download — Kreis' Elven Armor Redux

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Kreis' Elven Armor Redux

Another armor to 'hoe'-up Gayrim. 

This one includes the regular Elven Armor and Elven Light Armor. Boots and Gloves not included; so it will use the regular one you got when downloading SAM refits (which I hope you does). Also doesn't include 1st person mesh since I could never get that to work nicely. BodySlide files included in case anyone want to change it up. 

Textures not included. It is set to Vanilla textures, so it will use whatever texture pack you install. I used Truly Light Elven Armor textures in my screenshot, grab it (and endorse it) if you want the same pitch black gold eleganza. 


If anyone wants to port this to LE or make any modifications to me, all I ask is sharing it here too for everyone else too. 

Credits : Major props to @Den987 for letting me uses his pieces from his armor replacer set. Also big thanks to mrblight on BOS discord for testing this out patiently 😅

Change Log

> 02.03.2020 - Version 1. Initial release.


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