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Help, Please! My Floppy SOS isn't working?

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It's kinda weird, for the balls HDT whether it's jiggle or not I think it's already working? (it kinda slightly more jiggling than the previous one where I normally install SAM HDT BBB with Scrotum) But for the schlong which is the d*ck isn't working, it's still like the normal HDT which if you jump it will be kinda stretchy but didn't make any flailing movements like I've seen in the videos, I even use Shake it! Mod just to make sure is it working or not and it didn't... Please help! What's the correct load order / Installation for the mod to be working? I used XPSE and HDT Physics Extensions, kinda need the SOS RaceMenu Plugin too and its skeleton to make my schlong right... Thank you for helping me!

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