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Is there a way for weightmorphs mod to effect the racemenu morphs too?

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I use Sam racemenu morphs mod to go a little over the mcm 100 Samson/samuel cap. I like how weightmorphs works when it comes to gradually changing these values based on eating instead of going to mcm or racemenu. Right now though, weightmorphs only changes the mcm samson/samuel values and not the racemenu ones. Is there a way to have the mod do both?

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Each morph uses a key to allow multiple mods to modify the same morph without conflicting with each other.  By default, the keys for the same morph are added on top of each other.  SAM uses a specific key while I coded the SAM Racemenu morphs to use the BodyGen key.  The Weightmorphs mod is scripted to only use the key used by the original SAM.

The solution is to modify the scripts for Weightmorphs to use both keys, but modified assets are not allowed to be redistributed as per Weightmorphs' mod permissions.

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