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Download — [SSE] Kreis' Armors of Oblivion - Mage for SAM Light

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[SSE] Kreis' Armors of Oblivion - Mage for SAM Light

The first part of my series of Class-specific armors.


This one, loosely based on TES4:Oblivion's Mage class artwork. Big, bold, italicized on the word "loose" considering I just took the...pendant, and color scheme 😅

But anyway, 20 more armors to come out of this series. 

Unlike my usual submission, It's a completely new mesh and new cloth armor that I also made it craftable (or use AddItemMenu, whichever you prefer). It's unenchanted so you can infuse any enchantments you want. 

The ESP is flagged as ESL so it won't take up your load order. 

Credits to everyone on BoS Discord whose relentless support keeps me going; but especially for @Darnexx & @NeutronSphere who helped me troubleshoot the problematic gloves and boots 😂 Also the bombass screenshot is by the amazing @Darnexx


Install normally with your preferred mod manager. I personally use MO2. By default, it will install the version with pants. 

If you want the version with thong instead of pants, load it in BodySlide and tick the thong version and just click build. 

Permission : 

I can't make LE version because I no longer have it installed in my PC nor I have the knowledge to do so. If anyone wanted to convert, derive, modify; all I ask is that you share it with other people here also for everyone's benefit 😃

Other Version

The amazing Yusei0 ported this into FO4, head to his page to snag it! Nexus Link


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