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Kreis' Armors devblog

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Wow it looks so good! I love it already! My only suggestion is an alternate thong version of it (i love men’s thongs) hahaha. Thank you for updating us with your progress, it makes me so excited! 😊

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Ooh those are nice indeed. I’m saving sheer type of textures for magic-based class since I think it fits them. Other classes may fit more with harness and straps. I’m totally considering the last photo for the skimpy version! Thank you!


Today’s update: 

I’ve received feedback on cutting his vest to show more skin. 

spacer.png spacer.png

Don’t know where else to go from this. I might add few pouches on the belt. The right arm is kinda empty. I’m hesitant to add more pauldrons though. 

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Wow it looks more sexy now (the vest version is cute too, i will take them both hahaha). Yes i think it will be more effective too add small accessories (coin pouches, small bags, daggers, etc) rather than another pauldrons. 😉

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