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Need help : BodySlide Body Preview

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I want to know if it's possible to set the preview window to show a body with different weight (Skiny/Muscular/Fat)

The one I see in the preview does not look the same in game
would be very convenient if I can set it to show the weight that I want

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Posted (edited)

Hey @Sit, unfortunately that's not possible currently.
The weight triangle (Skiny/Muscular/Fat) is handled by some vanilla bones, which applies scales to the body according to how your weight triangle is set. In other words, they are all bone scaling based sliders, not the static mesh morph slider as we know that we can handle and edit in outfit studio.
One thing i've seen some folks doing tho, is removing some of these vanilla bones from the body so it looks exactly the same in outfit studio, but the vanilla weight triangle slider wont have any effect on the body ofc.

Ive done something similar to Atomic Muscle for example... i removed the upperfat arm skin weights (bones) and the arms looked way less distorted due to vanilla sliders:

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