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Adding HDT physics to existing refits

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I was wondering if it is possible to add HDT physics to armors that have already been refitted for SAM Light in BodySlide. I specifically want to add it to the amazing Kreis' Skimpy Outfits. I've tried following a guide on here for adding HDT to armors but when I get the physics in-game it seems like there are two body models on one (like its the non-HDT body with a HDT body jiggling on top of it).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If i need to add more details or pictures I will.

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Posted (edited)

I think that refit comes with the outfit studio files.. so you can just open the project in outfit studio, drag in a malebody_1.nif with HDT or SMP, set it as the reference and copy the weights over from the HDT body.

For the body, you want to copy all the weights over. So you highlight the original SAMBody and go to shape > copy bone weights

For the outfit you dont wanna do that, so you just copy over the HDT weights. Highlight all the parts of the outfit excluding the body and go to the bones tab, highlight all the HDT bones (belly, left, right breast.. left,right butt..., left,right upper and lower thighs) and then go to shape > copy selected weights

Then you delete the HDT body you added, and save the project. Then you can build it. I don't know why you have two bodies. Maybe you are already doing something similar but forgot to delete the second body or something like that.

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